DON’T GET ME STARTED watched the opening game of the playoffs between Chicago and St. Louis while also looking forward to the draft this year and next.

As everyone knows, the Blues traded for goalie Ryan Miller in the hope that he could help St. Louis solidify its position atop the National Hockey League Standings. Miller was dispatched to the Blues for goalie Jaroslav Halak, ChrisStewart, a prospect PLUS the Blues first round pick in 2015 when there will be top talent available. The Sabres also get a third round pick in 2016 BUT note the following regarding that 3rd round pick in 2016.

IF the Blues reach the Conference Finals this year OR if Ryan Miller is signed to a contract before this year’s draft, Buffalo will receive the Blues first round pick THIS YEAR instead of the 3rd round pick in 2016.

That scenario could give Buffalo 3 first round picks this June IF the New York Islanders give the Sabres its first round pick this year instead of next year as a result of acquiring Thomas Vanek. It might make sense for the Islanders to do this since 2015 will be a talent rich draft…

Certainly Buffalo is in need of goal scoring so Tim Murray and Ted Nolan will be looking at this year’s prospects while also pursuing highly thought of free agents. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Now as far as Ryan Miller and St. Louis are concerned. There was big worry when Miller lost 5 games at the end of this season. Then in the opening playoff game against the Blackhawks, Miller saw 7 shots early in the first period and 3 of them went by him. Not a good start.

He became more focused and didn’t allow another goal in the game that went to the 3rd overtime allowing St. Louis to beat the powerful Blackhawks. Fans are hoping that Miller’s confidence has returned and he will lead the team to the Conference Finals, assuring the Sabres some good picks in the next two drafts.

It’s unknown if the Blues will re-sign Miller before this June’s draft. If not, Buffalo loses a 2014 first rounder and gains only a 3rd rounder in 2016. Miller is set to be an unrestricted free agent and a team might have to bid north of the over $6 million Miller made this season. That’s a lot for a 33-year old.

By the way, most everyone feels the Sabres need a goaltender. That’s why there was surprise when Buffalo didn’t retain Halak, who’s numbers were outstanding at the time of the trade.

So pick your poison dear friends. As for me, the best for the Sabres is that Miller and the Blues get to the Conference Finals this year on Don’t Get Me Started.

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