Niagara Fishery

The Niagara fishery has some of the finest sport fishing in the entire world. Whether it’s the excellent bass fishing, walleye, salmon or trout, the Niagara fishery is superb.

Niagara FisheryLake Erie has excellent walleye and bass fishing and is only a twenty minute drive from Niagara Falls. The west end of Lake Erie is known for its excellent walleye fishing, but the eastern end also has plenty of the tasty freshwater fish.

The Niagara River, which empties Lake Erie and feeds Lake Ontario, also has a great small mouth and large mouth bass population. However, the king of the upper Niagara is the mighty muskie. The muskie fishing in the upper Niagara River is considered some of the finest in the Niagara Fisheryworld.

The lower Niagara River, which is basically below the actual Falls, has plenty of bass and walleye fishing as well. In the spring and fall the anglers then turn their attention to the tremendous salmon and trout fishing. These species has been stocked in Lake Ontario for decades and they swim up the Niagara River to spawn and feed twice a year. When they arrive the Niagara fishery heats up like no other time of the year.

Niagara FisheryAs the Niagara River empties into Lake Ontario the fishing continues to thrill. Lake Ontario has record breaking salmon fishing with some of the largest catches found anywhere. Many a wall in the northeast has one of Lake Ontario’s giants mounted for all to see.

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