DON’T GET ME STARTED now hopes that fans will stop calling Ralph Wilson cheap; won’t spend the money etc., when in fact the opposite is true.

Take a look at the high-priced free agents brought to Buffalo in the past 10 years.  They cost millions upon millions of dollars.

Now, Ralph Wilson gives the Bills fans in Western New York a big boost by buying up the remaining tickets for Sunday’s game against Cincinnati… a huge hit in his personal wallet.

Very few fans are aware that visiting teams to the Ralph receive 40% of the ticket revenue each game.  Let’s assume that 5,000 tickets were available at the deadline.  Let’s further assume that the average ticket price is $40 (probably higher.) for those tickets. The total value of those tickets would be $200,000 dollars.  40% of that goes to the visiting team, so Ralph Wilson would be giving Cincinnati $80,000 for the right to televise the game.  Again, if the average ticket price was higher, assume that Ralph Wilson’s generosity to the fans might be costing him around $100,000.

Ralph Wilson also donated those tickets to charity.  I’m not an accounting expert, but giving a chance for fans to watch the game was an expensive proposition for Ralph Wilson and fans should find a way to thank him on Don’t Get Me Started.


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