DON’T GET ME STARTED was waiting with anticipation for the next move(s) by Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan

Art Wander

Ask any friend of mine that associated with me following the firing of Rob Ryan from the New Orleans Saints and they’ll tell you that I predicted Rex would bring in brother Rob to the Bills.

I will admit that I didn’t think he would make his bro an Assistant “Head Coach” since that would be a slap in the face to the other position coaches, but that’s what Rex did.

Many might think I’m joking about Rex adding his Dad Buddy Ryan to the mix at One Bills Drive, but let’s remember who Buddy is. He did a great job as Defensive Coach of the Chicago Bears.

If putting up with Rex Ryan this past season wasn’t enough- fans will have to choose between Rex and Rob to blame one or both as the Bills hit the 17th season without making the playoffs next year.

I’m going to be generous and say the Bills will finish with a 5-11 record – and likely 4-12 – the same mark Rex netted in his final year as New York Jets coach. Of course, under the “guidance” of Rob Ryan – the Saints had one of the worst defenses in the NFL until he was let go.

I wonder if brother Rob would dare criticize the defense Rex imposed on players who, later, became critical of Rex’s schemes.

As for Russ Brandon and the Pegula’s – many (me included) know that getting some good free agents will be limited since salary cap limitations will find the Bills hoping they can get some draft picks who can start next season.

Oh well……as they say……blood is thicker than water and all those other clichés when something like this occurs on Don’t Get Me Started.

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