All of the teeth gnashing about Doug Marrone’s decision making by fans and radio post game hosts aside, it was the two lost fumbles by the Bills that went along way to spell defeat against the Chiefs. When you fumble away any chance of points on a 76 yard opening drive of the second half and then again to setup the Chiefs at your own 26 for the go ahead score, it’s no wonder the Bills let the win slip away.

I haven’t been a huge fan of Doug Marrone’s conservative ways this season, but I don’t believe his failure to go for it on 4th and short in the fourth cost them the game. I have no idea what CBS analyst Solomon Wilcots was selling regarding Marrone being a risk taker, because it’s not true. Marrone is an old school coach who plays what he perceives to be the time tested formula of playing field position and it would have worked against Kansas City had the Bills not fumbled twice.

Players at the end of the day win and lose games more times than not. Sure Bill Belichick looks like a genius, but the fact he has Tom Brady at quarterback makes that possible. When the Bills hold on to the football they remain competitive, when they turn it over they don’t. Marv Levy was singing this song twenty-five years ago.

The Bills threw away an opportunity to go 6-3 and move ahead of the Dolphins and catch the Steelers. They also hurt their playoff chances, but the way the NFL has been lately they are hardly out of the running. A win in Miami will put them right back in the thick of things, however a loss and suddenly a promising season again takes an ugly turn.

Football has gotten much more sophisticated over the last forty years, but there are still some simple truths and holding on to the football remains one of them. Hopefully the Bills will take that to heart in just four short days.

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