DONT’ GET ME STARTED as I recall one of the great comedy teams of all time – the Laurel and Hardy series.  For those who have seen any of the comedies by the great team of Laurel and Hardy – read on.

Buffalo Bills

Art Wander

Imagine Terry Pegula playing the role of Oliver Hardy. Then imagine Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan playing the role of Stan Laurel. Hardy (Pegula) has a very quizzical look on his face as he watches Stan Laurel (Ryan/Whaley) scratch the top of his head. Ollie Hardy (Pegula) learned that the Buffalo Bills #1 pick in the draft is going to have surgery on his shoulder and be lost for some time this season.  Hardy (Pegula) watched as a great QB prospect was taken by the Denver Broncos – Paxton Lynch – when the Bills could have picked him.

Hardy (Pegula) also learns that Sammy Watkins had surgery. It cost the Bills a big #1 pick during the draft where they could have picked superstar LB Kalil Mack. Hardy (Pegula) hears Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley (Stan Laurel) screaming about getting an edge rusher and a quarterback when they were there for the taking when the Bills passed on them and made their choices. Huge mistakes.

The son of Rex Ryan goes to Clemson and I wonder if papa asked him about Lawson’s injuries. As for Whaley (the other occupier of the Stan Laurel character) who knows what his thought process is.

What does it say about the Bills medical staff; and scouts who should have had the same information as many other teams had in passing on the linebacker from Clemson.

There have been so many mistakes by a seemingly disorganized front office and coach that finally brings up the big line of Oliver Hardy in every single one of the memorable movies.  Ollie (Pegula) barges into the front office – confronts Stan (Ryan and Whaley) and screams out………”LOOK AT THE MESS YOU’VE GOT ME INTO” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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