DON’T GET ME STARTED accepts the fact that Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier are considered New York Yankees territory. That is that most of its inhabitants root for the Yankees. Here’s one guy that doesn’t root for the Yanks.

Why am I not a Yankee fan? It was way back when I was rooting daily for New York. I was a huge fan when Joe D was still playing. Then in the mid-60s, Yogi Berra managed the Bronx Bombers into the World Series, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals. After the Series, the Yankees fired Berra and that’s when I determined that the Yankees didn’t deserve my support. Since then, I became a huge fan of the Indians; then Boson and this season the Toronto Blue Jays.

For the past couple of years, the Yanks have been so-so and I consider manager Joe Girardi to be a so-so manager – if that. If George Steinbrenner was still around, Girardi probably would be back in the broadcast booth. Last season, the Yankees watched post-season play. This year they are not nearly as good as last year.

Oh, you’ll hear the excuse, “Injuries”. Bull doggie. All teams have injuries. Boston lost several players for awhile. Ditto Baltimore and Tampa. And other teams as well

It doesn’t’ seem possible that about a month or so ago, Toronto was in last place, about 7 games behind the division leading New York Yankees. Here’s how they now stand:

The Yankees are basically a .500 team winning 29, losing 28, finding themselves 5 games behind division leading Toronto. They are 5-5 in the last 10 games, having lost 3 straight games. While they are 17-13 on the road, it’s at home that’s been a problem They’ve won 12 and lost 15 in front of the home folks. What’s the rule: “Play .500 on the road and take care of business at home.” It’s not happening.

Now why do I fault Girardi. I’m calling him quick thumb Joe. In very close games; if they’re slightly ahead; or slightly behind – Girardi goes to the bull pen faster than a fan rushing to the john after a few beers. Girardi has impressed me (or is it unimpressed me) about going the lefty/righty route. He’s quick to bring in a left-hander if the batter is left handed. Ditto for the right handed hitter. It’s cost Girardi quite a few games.

Take the make-up game Monday June 2nd. Really a good tight game until the Mariners unloaded. Every pitcher Girardi brought in to satisfy his lefty/righty moves, pounded the ball resulting in a blowout loss to Seattle

A starter is going good for 7 innings – Girardi goes to the pen. If a reliever comes in and does a good job in the 7th or 8th, the lefty/righty rule prompts Girardi to go to the pen. And it’s cost him because the bullpen has hurt the Yankees. I’ll tell you this – those arms in the bullpen are going to be pretty tired come the dog day of August. Again, Steinbrenner would not stand for this. If he could fire Billy Martin a couple of times, he might have been prompted to move Joe after his contract ran out last season – or earlier.

I wonder if Joe Girardi is thinking about the rumor that had him going to his home town of Chicago where he could play for so many of his friends. Yankee fans aren’t going to take it much longer. If you watch the games……take a look at the stands and see how many empty seats are shown. That’s a lot of blue. Also, with so many trips to the mound and using up so many pitchers, it’s no wonder that the Yankees play many of the longer games in major league baseball.

And that’s what has me watching the Yankees flounder on Don’t Get Me Started.

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