What a week the Buffalo Bills have had. First they had hardly finished celebrating the OT win over Chicago when they get the news that Terry Pegula had bought the team. Then a weekend of honoring Ralph Wilson is sweetened by the participation of a cancer-free Jim Kelly. Finally they Bills pummel the Miami Dolphins 29-10 to go 2-0 and the sun is finally shinning bright on Buffalo New York.

Buffalo Bills

Photo courtesy Dan Palumbo

When Ralph Wilson passed and the news immediately broke that Jim Kelly’s cancer had returned worse than before it seemed as if a dark cloud had settled over this city. Bills fans were facing the prospect of losing both their beloved Bills and their Hall of Fame Quarterback. Now the Bills are here to stay for the foreseeable future and Jim Kelly has a new lease of life.

The Bills Defense and Special Teams earned the win over Miami. The “D” was so dominating in the first half that it looked as though the Dolphins were playing their bench players.

On Special Teams the Bills blocked a punt, returned a kick-off for 6 and kicked five field-goals. A great performance by Special Teams for the second straight week.

Offensively the Bills played well albeit they left plenty of points on the field. If EJ Manuel ever gets comfortable inside the Red-zone the Bills could truly be a playoff contender.

Buffalo Bills

Photo courtesy Dan Palumbo

Hard to complain about a 29-10 win in the Division, but Doug Marrone’s offensive strategy is conservative to say the least. Gone is the hurry up offense that was touted when he and Hackett arrived from Syracuse. The Bills are huddling and letting down and distance dictate play selection all too often. It apparently is Marrone’s way of protecting EJ Manuel in his second year, but on a day like today it sounds like nit-picking.

The Buffalo Bills had one of the greatest weeks in franchise history so it’s time to just sit back and soak it in. Wearing my sun-glasses of course.


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