DON’T GET ME STARTED on so many fans over the past 14 years who have come down on owner Ralph Wilson. “Cheap; Not interested in

Ralph Wilson

Art Wander

winning; won’t pay for top talent” are only a few of the falsehoods uttered by frustrated fans. Not once, to my recollection, did Ralph Wilson ever respond against the fans. He truly appreciated the fans. I, certainly, have been fortunate to have gained his friendship and so often would watch him exchange pleasantries with fans from his open suite at the stadium. I also had conversations with him regarding the state of the NFL since he knew that his views would be held in confidence. He realized that Buffalo was a small market but would never entertain the thought of leaving. I found Ralph Wilson to be a very, very nice person.

Now all fans, and non-fans, will be hearing and reading of the legacy of Ralph Wilson. It will show the citizens of Western New York that Ralph Wilson truly loved Buffalo and Western New York.

The Buffalo News revealed in its Saturday edition that Ralph Wilson made sure that much of the money from the sale of the Bills would be donated to his two favorite cities – Detroit (which was his home) and Buffalo (his adopted home.)

Ralph Wilson made sure that tens of millions of dollars would be provided to Buffalo and Western New York non-profit organizations through his Foundation. What a wonderful gesture. So few have really known of his generosity throughout the decades of his ownership of the Bills. Roswell received much from Wilson, benefiting its research. Also Wilson’s generosity was extended to many other organizations. One of them, a worthy recipient of Wilson’s kindness was Hospice. He built a building at the Hospice campus that now bears his name.

Ralph Wilson made sure that the Bills would stay in Buffalo by insisting on the clause that would require any purchaser, wanting to move the team, would have to come up with almost half a Billion dollars……that’s with a big “B” As it was, the sale went to Terry Pegula, who also is enamored with Buffalo and Western New York. That insures that Buffalo will have an NFL team for future generations to enjoy.

So how can Buffalonians and Western New Yorkers thank Wilson? How can they show appreciation to the man who truly provided much to Buffalo and Western New York? Here’s how: Terry Pegula; Governor Cuomo; Congress people like Higgins and Schumer must get together to adopt the following:

1. Do not sell the naming rights to the stadium. Let it forever be known as Ralph Wilson Stadium.
2. As a tribute to the man, build a statue of Ralph Wilson and post it at the main gate of the stadium.

Fans can glance at that statue and remember what a good and generous man Ralph Wilson represented in his adopted home town. Those who are young, and future residents, may ask the question “What is that statue about.” Dad and/or grand parents can then relate how much Ralph Wilson really left much of his life in Buffalo and Western New York on Don’t Get Me Started.

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