Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Monday, November 02, 2015

Opening Statement:

Alright well, it is good to get ours guys back and start focusing on what is in front of us. You know that is great to do. As I mentioned before I don’t think a team needed a bye week more than this team. We needed it, I feel great about the guys coming back. Going to get a lot of players back healthy, so that is a real positive for us. I like our energy. Obviously we are disappointed with where we are at right now season wise, but we are putting it in our rearview mirror and we are focusing on the present and what is in front of us. So with that I will open it up for questions.

Q: Have you ever given a team a full week off like this?
A: No. We had…with the new CBA you have you know four mandatory days you give off and things like that. My record off a bye week is horrendous, so you know looking back at our schedule the fact that we were in London, got to fly back from London, the fact that we play two games in five days, the health of our team, all that type of stuff factoring in. The best record, the guy that has the best record consistently off a bye week is Andy Reid and this is what he does. So I was like… it is pretty obvious. I made that decision probably three week prior to going through it, knowing we had the injuries we had. But that is why I said this team needed it you know get away, get healthy, and then come back ready to go for these nine games.

Q: Who are some of the healthy guys you expect to be back this weekend?
A: Well I mean obviously we are not going to put the injury report out there, but it was, it’s good to see quite a few guys back. Obviously you guys saw Tyrod [Taylor] is back. We expect him 100% for this game, that is huge. We got a couple other guys that we expect to play.

Q: So those concussion guys are officially out of the protocol and ready to go?
A: I don’t know if that is official, but I saw some guys working today. So both of them are working so I would imagine that meant that they are ready.

Q: Where is Sammy at for this week?
A: I feel really good about him.I think he will probably be limited on Wednesday, but we will see from there.

Q: What sort of contact have you had with Percy Harvin?
A: Yeah. Percy [Harvin] is good, he is in the building and things. You know he is obviously in the training room a little today. But we will see how it goes. I know he wants to play and wants to contribute to this team.

Q: You seemed frustrated about his situation in London when he didn’t make the trip?
A: No, no, no. It wasn’t that. I think it’s, I think if there was frustration it was I never really knew how to handle what am I…I wasn’t comfortable different things or whatever. I think it’s better that the player discuss it than myself. But you know a lot times there are a lot of frustrations dealing with injuries, dealing with different things you know. I think the fact, you know we haven’t mentioned the Sammy Watkins tweets and things, but that is driven through frustration. That he wants, this guy wants to play, he wants to contribute, he wants to be the player we all know he is, and he wants to show the fans and all that. And it came out in a poor way. That doesn’t represent Sammy, that doesn’t represent the Bills. A lot of it is through, we got to relax a little and say hey we got nine games left, and the record is not what we want it to be. We haven’t played the way we wanted to, but there is a long way to go. And that is it. And it’s like guys relax, now let’s go play. We got to go play, we have to play a hell of a lot better. That is what we will do. In my opinion the proof will be in the pudding. And I am excited about moving forward.

Q: Is there any concern Corey Graham might not play?

A: Oh it would be a concern if he couldn’t play I can tell you that much. I feel good about Corey [Graham]. I think he will probably be limited Wednesday.

Q: What is his injury?
A: He had a groin injury that he sustained, in my understanding is it was on when he returned the touchdown, and then he tweaked it again on that last play too.

Q: Any plans to activate Leodis McKelvin this week?
A: Yeah. I think so. I am a bad poker player. I am excited he is back. And here is the thing to his credit like even in London, he went out there and he wanted to test it. So many times when a guy is coming off of those things, especially having setbacks before and that and things. And he went right in and tackled somebody in no pads. I think that was big for him. But yeah he is a good football player and to have him back that is really going to help.

Q: Is there any thought of playing him at safety?
A: I have no idea.

Q: What was your message to Sammy regarding his comments last week?
A: I just had a discussion with him. I mean I talk with him and he is not proud of his, out of his thing. Like I said, I can understand why the fans would be upset with him, we are all upset with him because that doesn’t represent who he is. These fans have been great to Sammy [Watkins], been great for this and they love him and they want to support him. Sometimes you get mad at the ones you love the most and sometimes I think you regret saying them, and I know Sammy regrets it big time.

Q: You mention you struggle coming off the bye, is there anything you can identify you can fix going forward?
A: Well I think sometimes it’s, you know it is really focusing on… that time should be a thing about getting strong. Almost like physically getting stronger and kind of stepping (aside), letting these guys exhale a little bit I think is a big thing. And whether is it is good or bad, you know like hey it is all about moving forward now. You got to do this. Sometimes you do as a coach you over analyze, you do different things like that, and you are not true to yourself. Now it is more like hey look we are going to get this team back, we are going to get this team healthy, and then we will see how we measure up moving forward. We know we have a big challenge in front of us. But you know let’s see what happens.

Q: Do you feel like this three game stretch in the division, is this the make or break section of the season?
A: I haven’t thought about that. My thinking is strictly on Miami and what is present. What is right in front of us now. That team is playing pretty darn good and they are playing hard and that is where I am looking at it. Do I recognize that you got to play, you know we got two games in five days, yeah I recognize that also without question. Have we looked at the Jets a little bit? Yeah we have done that also. You know and begun the prep there, as coaches we have done that. I guess that is a way of looking at it but we don’t. We have to look at this one game. We are in a position right now that we can’t look down the road. We have got to look right now at the present.

Q: Is there an update on Kyle Williams and when he might be back?
A: You know it is a significant injury, but we anticipate him back at some point. But I wouldn’t, to think he could come back now I don’t think he is ready for that. I don’t think there is any doubt he won’t be available this week and probably won’t be available for the Jets being it’s on five days. But he is making good progress.

Q: Is there any long term concerns with Percy’s hip?
A: No, I think we will see how the week progresses and things like that to see where he is at. You know I think there is always things whether it is a hip, whether it is a quad, whether it is and whatever on players you know I think this time helps him, having this extra time you know to see where you are it, I think it helps.

Q: Are you confident with how committed he is to this team?
A: Yeah, without question. Without question. I think that is the least of our concern with him. I know he wants to play, he desperately wants to contribute to this team.


QB Tyrod Taylor
Monday, November 2, 2015

Q: How are things?
A: Good.

Q: How’s the knee?
A: Feeling good.

Q: Where is your confidence level as far as playing this Sunday? Rex Ryan mentioned it’s 100 percent.
A: Yeah, I’m 100 percent. Feeling confident in going out there and playing on my leg, well on my knee. Didn’t have anything that limited me in practice today and it felt good.

Q: Do you think you’re gonna have to wear the brace?
A: It’s up to the trainers. But that doesn’t limit me. Like I said I don’t have any restrictions and just taking it day by day, and continue to keep getting better. Focus on the game plan.

Q: When did you feel you really turned the corner and felt your knee was ready to go?
A: Over the bye week. Definitely had some time to get off it and put in extra attention as far as treatment on it. Started to feel a whole lot better last week.

Q: Did they give you a regime to follow back home or did you stay in town?
A: I stayed in town.

Q: How’s your ankle feel?
A: Good. Body’s feeling good. Just ready to get back out there and play.

Q: Is this the first time this year you’ve felt 100 percent healthy?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you feel like there’s more available to Greg Roman and you in the playbook considering how you feel now versus when you were banged up?
A: Regardless, if I was out there playing the game plan was up – everything in our playbook was up and that’s how I went into the game. If I’m out there I’m going to give 100 percent at everything that’s being called and so it was no restrictions as far on the playbook and it won’t be any this week either.

Q: Any hesitation in running?
A: No hesitation. Just gonna go out there and be myself and the trainers did a good job of getting me back to where I’m at now and I guess there is no hesitation.

Q: How difficult was it missing two games given where you were before that?
A: Definitely tough to watch. But you have to be a leader off the field and help guys along the way. Whether it’s something that you see that maybe they don’t, just continue to communicate with your guys. But definitely tough watching. As a competitor you want to be out there competing and giving your all for your team. But just had to do what was best for the team and do what was best for me. Watch those last couple games.

Q: What is your reaction to you college coach, Frank Beamer, retiring?
A: Coach Beamer – great guy, great coach. Thankful for the opportunity that he gave me to go play at Virginia Tech. The program’s definitely gonna miss him. Haven’t got the chance to talk to him but definitely call him this week and he’s a legendary coach. He’ll go down as one of the best in the books.

Q: With your knee was surgery ever on the table?
A: No. Surgery wasn’t needed for the injury.

Q: Was it ever considered though?
A: Nah. To be specific, the grade that it was it didn’t need surgery. It was gonna heal itself, it was only a matter of time before that happened.

Q: Will you wear a knee brace in the game?
A: It’s up to the trainers. Like I said we taking it day by day as far was whether I need it or don’t need it. But whether I have it on or don’t have it on, it doesn’t restrict me.

Q: Are you looking forward to getting some of the other weapons back healthy this week?
A: Definitely. Having a bye week last week definitely gives the chance for us to get some, like you said, our weapons back and looking forward to having guys on the field. Going out there and being explosive again so looking forward to that.


WR Sammy Watkins
Monday, November 2, 2015

Q: Rex Ryan mentioned he talked to you and you’re disappointed, and he’s disappointed. Can you give us your side of it?
A: Most definitely. Just frustrated. Angry to not be on the field. Just to see my team lose, it hurts me and that’s just something I gotta get over with, and I gotta get healthy and get back on the field. As far as the fans and stuff like that, they know I wanna be here. I wanna win games with this team, with this organization, and for the city of Buffalo. So no hard feelings towards anybody, my teammates, the fans – I love the fans. They come out every Sunday and we give them something to look for and I make sure it’s on when we lose and when we win. So I would say I’m just ready to get back on the field.

Q: How close are you?
A: Very close and that’s the good thing about it. Over the break I came back and worked out and things like that with the staff. You know they’re doing a good job of just getting me in shape. I think that’s the biggest part and with the injury, it’ll get better. So just gotta keep working to get back on the field.

Q: Do you think you’ll play Sunday?
A: I don’t know. It’s up to the medical staff but as far as working out, and running and things, I just started to do that and hopefully I’ll be back.

Q: Are you changing your approach on social media?
A: Not at all. I just think I made a bad comment and as a football player, and as a big football player, you gotta look for things like that to get good and bad comments. So I just take the good with the bad and never comment back on your comments or your pictures and stuff like that. I know that all the fans don’t mean what they say. They’re fans and it’s good to have good feedback and bad feedback on yourself. It just shows that you’re normal and you got emotions. So no hard feelings.

Q: We saw some of the comments, obviously they got out. Have you ever dealt, or seen anything, quite that vile though in your career?
A: Honestly I’m never on the comments so I never look at them. Just happy to be on the bye week and like I said just being frustrated after the loss, and me not playing, me not being on the field – you look for negative stuff and that’s what I was doing. And I looked on the comment and immediately I reacted. Misspelled a couple things. Just not playing attention. That’s things that I can’t do as a…in the NFL I represent an organization, team. So I would just say sorry to all the fans that took heart to it and I will never do that again.

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