DON’T GET ME STARTED has me rooting for the Buffalo Sabres to win their remaining 8 games, hoping that Edmonton and Arizona also win several games that would guarantee Buffalo getting at least a top 4 pick.which would include McDavid, Eichel, Strome and Marmer.


Art Wander

Assuming another team, except the bottom 3, wins the lottery for the top pick, the battle would be on for being the worst team in the NHL and picking 2nd (Eichel) Buffalo is in command of that position. Team finishing #29 gets the 3rd pick and #28, the 4th pick. Of course, everyone is hoping they get the #1 pick.

And that’s what brings me to the “tanking” debates. I have maintained that it would behoove the Sabres drafting position if they looked great on the ice – performing brilliantly every game but losing because of a deflection or strange goal bouncing off a player to lose 1-0 or 2-1.

Does that mean I’m not a Sabres fan? Of course, I’m a fan. I want them to succeed Today, I admit that I join those that bring up ethics and character. Face it, rooting for the home team to lose is not encouraged and generally should not be accepted. I know that the players (as evidenced by their play and effort) are doing their best to win.

There has been quite a debate over the past couple of games (New Jersey and Arizona) where people cheer the opponent goals and victories over their beloved Sabres. Does that mean they are not Buffalo Sabres fans? No.

They are not cheering the other team’s scoring the win – they are cheering the fact that Buffalo is inching closer to getting the #1 or #2 or, at worst, #3 pick in the draft. That should be understandable. They are looking forward to the future – next season – when a McDavid, or Eichel join a revamped squad that will contend for a Buffalo playoff spot next year.

The “tank happy fans” simply want to get into the top tier of drafting – they are big Sabre fans. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be paying the big dollars to attend games. They cheer for the possibility of a great drafting position. They do not cheer the effort or the play of the Sabres players. As for the players, respect should be given them for their effort. I know that they, individually and as a team, they are doing their best to win the game

And why would I want the Sabres to win 8 straight to close the season? To show Tim Murray that Teddy Nolan is a good coach who has been saddled with a not so potent pool of players.

And that’s what has me thinking about the “Tank Happy Crowd” and realize why they cheer for the other team – at this point of the season.

They cheer for the drafting position that could get them a McDavid or Eichel for next season when they will continue to put up big bucks cheering for the Sabres on Don’t Get Me Started.

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