tch DON’T GET ME STARTED has (and had) been rooting for the Buffalo Sabres to look real good in losing games in order to finish last in the NHL and have a great chance to snare Connor McDavid.


Art Wander

Of course, if Edmonton or Arizona beat the Sabres by finishing last, Buffalo can win the lottery (not the great4st chance of doing so.)

Let’s assume that Arizona finishes last and the Sabres finish 29th – or next to last. If some other team wins the lottery and grabs McDavid, most surely the Coyotes will quickly grab Jack Eichel.

Buffalo would be next to make its selection and, in need of a center, the Sabres should announce that their pick will be Mitch Marner. Very few Sabres fans have never heard his name. But let’s compare the three players.

Mitch Marner has played in …………63 Games – 44 goals – 82 assists – 118 points

Connor McDavid has played in………46 Games – 43 goals – 75 assists – 118 points

Jack Eichel has played in……….35 Games –22 goals-41 assists – 63 points

One can see that getting one of these players will enhance the chances of the franchise nabbing them to become a big part of their efforts to compete.

Naturally, as one can see, McDavid has monstrous ability and will definitely be a starter in his first season. He has averaged close to just under 3 points a game. WOW.

Eichel has played as many games, 35 but look what h4’s done, 63 points in 35 games – that’s a 2 point a game effort.

That brings us to Marner who, in his 63 games, averaged 2 points a game. The plus/minus of each of these players goes through the roof.

The book on Marner is mixed for one reason only. He’s 5’11” and 180. His stats for the last season also had him going to the box for over 50 minutes. Here’s what Marner said in a published article on himself,

“I think if you go out there and show that you’re willing to go every shift, willing to prove a point and prove that you can hold your own, that skills are more important than the size.”

Some compare him to John Tavares, in fact the Islander had high praise for Marner. Some scouts offered this on the web: “Combine skill, smarts and confidence and you have Mitch. Excellent playmaker who can make plays in and through the tightest of spaces. Very elusive with his skating but can attack & beat defenders 1-1. Sees plays unfolding and is very comfortable holding puck to allow them to develop. Plays with an assuredness that is threatening and he doesn’t take a ‘back seat’ in the game.

Another offered: “Smallish forward with a real scoring touch…scores in multiple ways…always in the right spot to receive a pass…a good wrist shot, and he plays with a lot of grit and isn’t afraid to crash the net for chances…has the hands and creativity to go end to end with the puck…speedy and very agile…excellent foot speed and quickness, and is tough to contain when he gets going; he can beat nearly anyone on the ice with his speed…impressive hand speed and creativity…sees the ice well and makes some really good passes…is a threat on each shift…work ethic and compete level are impressive…relentless pressure on the puck”

That’s pretty good stuff. So those Sabres fans who have been pleading for the “tank” can rest a little easier that there is the very strong possibility: that the Sabres will do no worse than Marner.

Breathe easier on Don’t Get Me Started.

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