Plenty of speculation on the future of Bills Coach Doug Marrone leading up to the last home game against Green Bay, but Marrone asuured a return in 2015 with the big win over the Pack! Terry Pegula would be hard pressed to replace Marrone after the way he has kept his team focused despite thin playoff hopes. Doug Marrone’s old school, physical football hasn’t been pretty on offense, but his team doesn’t quit and counts for plenty with a man like Pegula.

There will be some changes in 2015 at One Bills Drive, but after the patience Pegula showed with Ruff and Regier with his hockey team how could Marrone be one of them? Believe me when I say losing the next two games could have fans screaming for a change, but the collective feeling everyone at the stadium had walking out after this win will not be so quickly forgotten upstairs.

Marrone obviously has flaws. His collegiate “my way or the highway” approach to certain players can be maddening. Why he seems to show less than enthusiasm for Robert Woods after he continues to make big catches is puzzling. Mike Williams obviously ended up in his dog house mid-way through the season which is another mystery. Yet, Marrone has gotten the majority of players to perform and in the world of professionals that is an important trait.

Doug Marrone obviously works his ass off and his physical appearance shows it. Look at Marrone in his next photo and compare it to one taken in July. Doug Marrone is fixated on making his football team better and I’d guess his family pays the price as he spends many nights at the Stadium.

There will need to be major changes in the Bills offense going forward. Kyle Orton has gotten worse as the season goes on and the O-line is less than average. Marrone needs to either get on the same page with GM Doug Whaley or whoever Pegula may bring in if it’s decided Whaley is the one to go. Russ Brandon hired Marrone, but Whaley is his guy too so if that decision is made it would most likely not be by Brandon.

All of that can be decided in the off-season, but for now I will enjoy the huge win over the marque Packers and future Hall of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers. Doug Marrone deserves to enjoy it for one night as well before he starts his all-nighters preparing for the Oakland Raiders.

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