I have been a Boston Red Sox fan for 47 years, but I have loved watching Derek Jeter’s farewell tour. The topper of course is the way he ended his career in New York Thursday night, an ending that could only be written in Hollywood.

Jeter has handled his retirement year with such class and dignity that it flies in the face of what we expect from many of the younger professional athletes today. But it’s Jeter’s flair for the dramatic that will set him aside from so many who have come before him.

Thursday night I was tuning in and out of the Yankees/Orioles game, trying to catch Jeter’s at bats. I was doing some work on my laptop and had also gotten caught up with another program for a few minutes when I began to see my twitter and facebook accounts go nuts!

Yes, I had missed Derek’s walk-off single in real time, but was able to witness the drama soon afterwards and his final farewell. Of course the single was replayed over and over again and it was so great to see an athlete of Jeter’s caliber come through one last time in front of family, friends and teammates. Even the Orioles hung around to see the lengthy sendoff.

Jeter will play his final three games of his career ironically against the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees fiercest rivals. Jeter will not play shortstop however, his final game at that position was in pinstripes at Yankee Stadium. I’m sure even Red Sox fans will salute the Yankee captain every time he comes to bat as a designated hitter which is where he will probably play. That is unless he comes up to bat with the game on the line as he did Thursday night.


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