DON’T GET ME STARTED, while waiting for a lot of info on the Bills and Sabres drafts, I happened to click on and right there it hit my pupils.

Art Wander

Art Wander

They listed the top 5 cities with the worst weather in the NFL. And guess which city topped that list? Why it’s Buffalo. Considering factors were: Wind, snow, rain, cold. If you go to, you will also see some photos of some of those conditions during games. Very interesting.

If I posed the worst weather city in the NFL question to anyone, they would cite Green Bay. .
Here they are – from #1 to #5 – the worst weather cities in the NFL:

1. Buffalo
2. Cleveland
3. Pittsburgh
4. Green Bay
5. Kansas City

I don’t disagree with that. I’ve been to each of these cities in the dead of winter. I even think that Buffalo gets a head start on other cities, early winters, etc. Buffalo will never forget the Blizzard in the mid-70s and look what happened on November 29th 2014 in Buffalo. Everything was shut down. Pictures of the Bills stadium showed piles and piles of snow. Everything stood still

I don’t think that any Buffalo fans will embrace being first in this survey, but that’s what’s up on and if surveys of the NFL players were made, they probably would be in agreement of the positioning of the top 5 worst weather cities in the NFL.

That being the case, the NFL’s scheduling of games after Xmas and New Years in Buffalo will probably have the TV network scrambling for ways to get clear shots through the snow at Ralph Wilson Stadium while fans will watch on TV at home.

Then again, a lot of fans might be shouting, “We’re #1……we’re #1…..we’re #1 on Don’t Get Me Started.

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