Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Opening Statement: Obviously, I’ve always said this is a performance-based business and the release of Karlos Williams was strictly performance based. He came in behind the eight-ball and never caught up and there were other guys on the roster that moved ahead of him, so in light of that, we thought why hold on to him? We thought we can give him a chance to maybe find another job out there in the league. We weren’t going to hold on to him ‘til the end knowing he wasn’t going to make the team.

Q: Did you have some questions about his seriousness about playing football and coming back? Did he raise those questions with you guys?

A: I think it’s just all on the field. I mean, if he’s not out there being able to perform and he can’t perform at the level we expect him to, then that’s on him. So it’s not a question. I always say the information makes the decision and the information was he wasn’t ready to play and guys underneath him surpassed him.

Q: Has he had trouble as far as you can tell with the weight loss? Like he’s not losing it the way you had hoped he would?

A: I think it’s a process and he was so far out of reach for his goal that it was going to take a lot of time for him to get to where he needed to be and while you’re taking time, other guys are moving past you.

Q: Now given the fact that he wouldn’t have been here the first four games, there would have been time to get him into shape. Did you just think you gave him enough chances and he didn’t deserve that extra month to do it?

A: Well we just saw guys underneath him surpass him.

Q: Marcell Dareus, if you can tell us about him.

A: He’s family and we’re being supportive of him in this step in his life. I told you guys we wouldn’t give up on him and again, we whole-heartedly support this effort.

Q: He won’t be in uniform today. Is he with the team still?

A: He’s with the team but he won’t be playing today.

Q: He said in his statement that he’s entering a treatment facility. Did something take a turn from the time that we found out about the suspension?

A: We stand by the statement. It’s just being supportive in whatever action he thinks is best for him and as family members, we’re standing behind him.

Q: Is there a timetable if he’s out longer than four games?

A: There’s no timetable. No timetable. Everybody knows in these processes there is—you don’t want to put a timetable on it.

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