Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane

Saturday, August 26, 2017 

Q: What can you tell us about Marcell Dareus?

A: Well, we sent him home. He broke a team rule and Sean [McDermott] and I are–we’re going to do things the right way. Everybody – players, coaches, staff, everybody’s got a level of expectation. He didn’t meet that so he won’t be on the sidelines tonight. 

Q: Is this the end of the discipline for this violation of team rules or could there be more to follow?

A: Not sure, to be honest with you. This was the move we wanted to make today and we’ll talk more about it when we get back to Buffalo. 

Q: How disappointing is it, knowing this guy’s history, and I know you weren’t here for it, but suspended for four games last year. Another misstep, or whatever it may be. How disappointing is that?

A: It’s very disappointing. Any player that you have to send home, this is not the norm. This is not what you’re looking for. Obviously, a guy with his contract status, you would hope that we would be a better leader than that and hopefully he learns from it and moves on and just be a Buffalo Bill. 

Q: You touched on it there, where he is the highest-paid defensive player on the team. Don’t you need more from a guy like that?

A: You would expect that, yes. 

Q: You also said there, the possibility of ‘hopefully he’s a Buffalo Bill.’ Are you considering options for him not to be a Buffalo Bill?

A: No, but everybody’s got to be on-board right now, so hopefully this is something he’ll learn from and everybody will understand the message that Sean and I are – you know, we have expectations, we have standards that everybody has to live by and if you’re not [going to], then you’re not going to be here. 

Q: Brandon, with how many transgressions he’s had throughout his career, how much rope can you give someone like that?

A: We’ll assess this when we get back. Obviously, this happened today and we sent him home. Sean’s got to coach a game. We’ll talk more about it back [in Buffalo] and how we’ll move forward. 

Q: Is this something that the league would get involved in or is it specifically a team matter?

A: It’s a team matter. 

Q: Brandon, what kind of conversations did you have with Marcell when you first got here, knowing his history and just, like you said, seeing if he was on board?

A: Nothing extensive. We’ve talked, and it was very cordial, very fine. Nothing extensive or anything like that. Until this, he’s been fine. 

Q: The Eric Wood extension – tell us a little bit about the process behind that?

A: We started that a couple weeks ago with his representatives and kind of came down – we were hoping, you’re always hoping to get it done as quick as you can. The contracts happen, I think I said before, when they’re supposed to and this afternoon, things came together with he and his agent and we were able to get it done and get it inked before he got on the field tonight. 

Q: Was the purpose to get the extension done before the regular season? I mean, how much of a priority was it for him not to hit the open market?

A: He’s done a great job since he was drafted here, I think in ’09. We think he’s still playing well, we think he’s a leader up front, not only on the O-Line but on the offense, and he’s a guy that we feel is part of what we’re doing going forward. He’s going into the last year of his deal so we wanted to get something done. 

Q: You talk about guys being on board. With leadership and Eric Wood, those two words are almost synonymous. Was that part of this as well?

A: Most definitely. You want to extend the guys that are your leaders and help spread your message. Obviously, Sean has been here a little longer than I have been. This is our first year, but he’s a guy that we’ve noticed. The leadership [and] his play speaks for itself and again, he’s a guy we wanted to move forward with. 

Q: Brandon, there was a lot of rumors about LeSean McCoy this week. How much activity was there on that and if there was…

A: There wasn’t. I don’t know where the rumor came from, but that’s why we didn’t say anything. There was nothing to it. LeSean’s going to be a Buffalo Bill.

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