Andre Reed finally goes into the Pro football Hall of Fame on August 2nd and it is loooong over due. Andre Reed was one of the NFL’s elite receivers over his career, but he did it on a team that already included future HOF members Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith. As a result I feel reed got lost in the shuffle a bit, but his day has finally come.

Andre was a tough, physical, over the middle kind of receiver and made himself into one of the finest “run after the catch” wide-outs the league has ever seen. Watching Reed catch a ten yard pass from Kelly and then taking it forty or fifty yards to the end zone was a thing of beauty.

Andre Reed finished his career ranked near the top of every NFL career statistical receiving categories. Reed went over 1000 yards four times, currently still stands tenth in total career receptions with 951, ninth in NFL history in total career receiving yards with 13,198 and is also eleventh in total career touchdown receptions with 87.

He also rushed for 500 yards and a touchdown on 75 carries. With the Bills, Reed played in four consecutive Super Bowls (1991–1994) and was selected to the Pro Bowl in seven consecutive seasons (1988–1994).

Reed set season career highs with 90 receptions in 1994, ten touchdowns in 1991, and 1,312 receiving yards in 1989.

A tribute to his incredible physical durability, Reed played in 234 NFL games between 1985 and 2000, the 59th most games played by any player in NFL history, including players in less physically demanding positions, such as kickers and punters.

I vividly remember Reed taking over the second half of the famous “Greatest Comeback” victory over Houston, catching three touchdown passes from Frank Reich. The Oilers simply had no answer for Reed in that 2nd half and he made a couple tough catches look routine.

I also remember that Andre Reed had a bit of chip on his shoulder during those Superbowl years. With Kelly, Thomas, Smith, Lofton, Talley and Bennett making headlines on a regular basis Andre was always looking for a bit of the spotlight. Any question that could be considered a knock on Reed’s ability to catch or run would usually be answered with a bit of a sneer and a “say what?” look.

One time we had Andre on as a guest on the Thurman Thomas Show on the Empire Sports Network and when he walked in I could tell immediately something wasn’t right. Andre’s wife had told him that I made a comment on one of my other shows (Fan Forum) that Andre didn’t deserve a new contract. Turns out Andre’s wife had confused me with someone else on another TV station and only then did Andre’s frown tun into a smile.

Now when I see Andre Reed I receive a big hug and hand shake, he truly appreciates seeing anyone who reminds him of the glory days here in Buffalo. It’s great to see him reveal in the attention that the HOF weekend brings and the many interviews on National TV. You can bet Andre will receive plenty of airtime on Sunday Night’s NBC coverage of the Bills and Giants and he deserves every second of it.

When an athlete overcomes the odds of playing Div II football and making it into the Pro Football Hal of Fame he deserves every accolade that comes his way. the fact he is a member of our beloved Buffalo Bills makes it even sweeter.



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