DON’T GET ME STARTED was surprised when Judge Berman sacked Roger Goodell and the NFL by ruling in favor of Tom Brady in the “deflategate” scandal. Brady’s 4-gamer suspension was overthrown and Brady suffers no penalties. It’s not known whether the fines and the loss of a first round pick against the Patriots will stick.

Tom Brady

Art Wander

Many fans were surprised. Many stated that reducing the 4-game suspension from 4 to 2 games would be appropriate. Not according to Judge Berman who ruled in favor of Brady that now allows the QB to start the first game next Thursday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yes, Brady seemed guilty in the eyes of the public who had the opinion he was involved in the deflategating of the footballs in the championship game. But that doesn’t count…..the opinion and decision of Judge Berman is what counts.

Naturally the NFL is issuing an appeal of the ruling so it isn’t dead…….yet. But if history is the teacher, the NFL will lose – as they have in one court case after another.

The integrity of the game might suffer in the future. Imagine that every time the NFL suspends a player……that player will take it to the courts and the record of the NFL is not too good in such a happening.

The other point – as mentioned before – will be at the games. Not so much at Foxborough – but when Brady hits the field in the 8 away games and in the away playoff games – look out. As A-Rod has found out – the fans belted out a barrage of insults at the slugger. Brady will likely feel the heat, especially from those fans behind the bench. Brady will not be able to hide.

He will be hit with more boos and insults than A-Rod. I imagine that Belichick will introduce the defense at away games. But Brady will likely hear it whenever he hits the field and behind the bench. How it will affect his cadence count remains to be seen. Not only that, but whenever he plays on the road, the media will bring the matter up time and time again. That should be distracting to the other players who will watch Brady be the guy the media will be looking for. And if Bill Belichik decides to hide Brady in the training room….more criticism of the hoodie will erupt.

So Brady wins against the NFL…..but he might also be losing on the road on Don’t Get Me Started.

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