You’ve got to give credit to Tim Murray who acted like a General Manager working the phones and making deals that give the Sabres a ton of draft choices and a few prospects.

I was surprised that Moulson and Halak were dealt but figure that they were going to be free agents in a month, so maybe it was wise to pick up something for them.  Frankly, I liked Moulson.  He is a scorer who positions himself well in the net.

As for Halak.  He’s got some pretty good numbers and knows his way around the NHL.  Now let’s see how many of the newcomers and draft choices will be helping the Sabres…..probably 3 or 4 years from now.

There was one trade that was not made.  It was well publicized that forward Chris Stewart was coveted by the Ottawa Senators.  Had he been dealt to the Sens, I would have been ready with a column titled, “Blood is thicker than, etc., etc.”  After all, his uncle is the General Manager of the Ottawa Senators and fans around Buffalo would be very suspicious of the move.

Stewart is no slouch.  He’s got 15 goals and 26 points this season; he’s a big guy well over 6;2 and around 220 and seems to be a good hockey player.  That’s something the Sabres need in front of the net.  Foligno was pictured as filling that role but hasn’t done so.  In short, DON’T TRADE STEWART.

The Sabres don’t need any more draft choices.  They do need a goalie and I still feel that Halak could have filled the bill.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that after the season – or on draft day – Tim Murray won’t dangle Chris Stewart and yell UNCLE on Don’t Get Me Started.

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