DON’T GET ME STARTED probably has everyone saying that they are “Huge Sabres Fans.” There’s no reason to doubt those who remember the great days…..and now watch the current state of affairs with the Sabres.


Art Wander

But while admitting they are Sabres fans……the question has to be posed to them: “But do you root for them to win…….or to lose.” Are fans in good spirits knowing that the team has won only 1 game in the last 11 heading into Saturday night’s tussle against the league leading Tampa Bay Lightning?

Fans know what’s at stake by continuing to lose; hoping the Sabres finish last and get the best chance to snare the top player in the draft….Connor McDavid. Oh the fans will say to you that they are not rooting against the Sabres. But that’s public rhetoric. Deep down they probably are hoping the Sabres lose to get into good position to get the #1 pick and definitely the #2 pick if they don’t win the lottery for #1. In that case they get a great player in Jack Eichel.

Finishing very poorly will give the Sabres some great players. Assume they will get either McDavid or Eichel, they also have first round picks from St. Louis and the NY Islanders. That’s 3 first round picks. This is a very rich draft as far as talent is concerned. There’s some speculation that teams might want to trade for those other 2 first round picks. That would mean getting some talented players to the team to go along with the rookies. Reinhart (last year’s #1) certainly will be with the club next year while some first year players on the team are getting some great experience.

Murray can wheel and deal and then rest with the knowledge that with the increased talent on the team, Buffalo could contend for a playoff spot as early as next season.

To really hit the jackpot/lottery, it means the Sabres need to continue to lose games to insure a top position in the draft.

Right now, Buffalo is 3rd from last place in the NHL behind Carolina and Edmonton. They are disjointed on the ice. Fans are also hoping that Murray, the Sabres GM, and the Pegulas don’t pull the plug on Teddy Nolan, who is in the first year of a 3-year deal with Buffalo.

So mull to yourself – “Who are you rooting for” as the Sabres play the 2nd half of the season on Don’t Get Me Started.

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