The great film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” has a classic quote by Paul Neuman when he asks the question “who are those guys?” referring to a posse who will not quit in their pursuit. Yesterday watching Tyrod Taylor, Percy Harvin, LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams making plays in Buffalo Bills uniforms makes me ask the same question.

For the last two years Bills fans have cheered and suffered at times with EJ Manuel, Kyle Orton, Fred Jackson, Robert Woods and Scott Chandler. Except for Manuel, those familiar names are now gone from the roster and new faces and names have taken their place. Not just taken their place, but quickly creating their own reputations.

Tyrod Taylor is like no quarterback who has played for the Bills. Only Doug Flutie can come close to Taylor’s elusiveness and no player has had his speed. Whether Taylor’s throwing arm compares to some of Buffalo’s finer QB’s only time will tell.

Taylor only threw 19 passes, but he completed 14 and one was a bomb to Harvin, right on the money. Almost as important was the fact Taylor had zero turnovers. No interceptions and no fumbles and he escaped at least three certain sacks.

LeSean McCoy did nothing Sunday to make anyone forget about Fred Jackson, but Karlos Williams make an immediate impression scoring on his first carry in the NFL.

Percy Harvin showed why Rex Ryan brought him over from the Jets, but his performance didn’t stop fans from asking why Sammy Watkins had only two in-completions thrown his way?

Charles Clay made a couple catches at TE, showing good speed along the way. The Bills paid a high price for Clay so it would be expected that he figures in to the game plan every week.

The Bills are certainly a different team under Rex Ryan and his “we expect to make the playoffs” quote looks pretty good after pounding the Colts. A great start, almost too good to be true, but the Patriots will give the Bills new comers another chance to prove their stuff.

Should the winning ways continue Bills fans will get used to the new names on the back of the jerseys overnight.




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