DON’T GET ME STARTED was shocked when Dan White, the new Athletic Director of University at Buffalo dismissed popular basketball coach Reggie Witherspoon after the MAC Tournament.

Witherspoon has been at the helm of the basketball program for a decade and a half and has done a fine job following the sanctions put on the program before he was hired.  His peers and coaching colleagues in the MAC were shocked at the dismissal, praising the job that Witherspoon had done with the program.

When White was hired, was his mind made up to replace some of the guys he inherited?  Maybe in basketball, but not in football when he gave a big extension to the current football coach.  All sports fans know that Witherspoon has done a much better job with his basketball program than the football coach did with his team.

What I’m reading is that White is putting more emphasis on winning than he is on education.  After all, Witherspoon’s players have had a great graduation rate; thanks to Witherspoon’s emphasis to make sure his players get good grades and get the sheepskin.

Witherspoon was also a positive in the community.  He deserved better treatment than what White afforded him.

For me – White made a big mistake.  Whoever is named coach, he will inherit a veteran team destined for success next season.  Will Reggie Witherspoon get any credit?  Apparently not the way White has approached his position.

The Sabres?  Most of the Sabres fans continue to be surprised that Darcy Regier continues as General Manager of the Sabres.  This current team is his team – the players that he drafted and traded for after letting go many outstanding players since he took over in the mid-90s.  Regier’s stay has been a surprise with a further shock that he was given a contract extension.

So a quick note to Terry Pegula – “Stop being a fan and become an owner.”  An owner would have dumped Regier a year ago.  With what Regier has done, prospects look dim for the near future.  Laughers are getting their lips puckered up at the trading deadline and the draft where Regier’s faults negatives surface.

And then there’s Buddy Nix.  Nice guy.  But Dan White showed that nice guys don’t get the benefit of reflection.  The Bills are in turmoil.  They have a tremendously tough schedule next season.  They don’t have a quarterback; defensive backs; linebacker help and they lost two offensive guards to free agency over the past week.

Gee, I wish I could impart some good news to you.  Hey – there is good news.  I feel that the Buffalo Bisons will have a tremendous team with the affiliation with the power laden Toronto Maple Leafs this season on Don’t Get Me Started.

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