The Buffalo Bills staggered to a close of their 2013 preseason with the worst exhibition game performance in memory, losing 35-13 to Detroit. That game may end up setting the record for playing the most players who end up NOT being on the final roster.

If you saw the game it’s easy to forget and it will be nothing more than a distant memory come October so forget about it. The question now for me is what will the Bills look like on September 8th?

EJ Manuel was spotted early out on the Ralph Wilson turf tossing the football which caused a buzz among media members, but I still believe he will not be able to go on the 8th. Manuel’s procedure has a normal recovery time of 2-4 weeks and for an athlete who needs his mobility like EJ, three weeks will probably not cut it.

I wouldn’t sweat the game against New England, it’s the second home game against Carolina that I would focus on. Sure, everyone would love to beat Brady and the Patriots, but the more winnable game is against Carolina. EJ Manuel  could make his NFL debut against Cam Newton, which has a certain appeal.

Should EJ Manuel come back healthy, he could make everyone forget about the last two weeks and once again blow up that balloon of optimism that hung over the team from May till August. Offensively Manuel has some firepower with CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson, TJ Graham and Robert Woods. I expect this team to score some points and bring some excitement back to town with a new no-huddle.

Defensively this team is in trouble. The secondary is raw and Mario Williams and Marcel Darius take too many games off. I expect the usual teeth gnashing watching the Bills try and stop good offenses.

Next Friday I will make my official prediction, as if it really matters to anyone, but it keeps me on my toes. Let’s just say the prediction has certainly changed in my mind the last ten days.


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