DON’T GET ME STARTED watches the fans moan about the lack of scoring that plagues the plight of the Buffalo Sabres. It is getting to the point that the Sabres goaltenders need to post a shutout. But then again, they might be going into overtime or shootout without scoring a goal

Tim Murray

Art Wander

Lack of scoring is getting a lot of attention. But then what is GM Tim Murray doing. He sends a 14-goal scorer, Jamie McGinn, to the west coast. Here’s a guy that’s hitting his best years – he’s only 27 – and is in the top 5 in goal scoring for Buffalo – before his departure.

And what did the Sabres get from L.A. in the deal? Did they get a proven scorer? Did they get a top prospect? No. Murray got a 3rd round pick in 2017 for McGinn

Here’s another topic for discussion. I’ve been joking around with all my sports friends that the moment Murray’s uncle, Bryan Murray, the current GM of the Ottawa Senators, calls it a career and retires, Tim Murray will maneuver to get the Ottawa job. After all, he’s spent a few years with the Ottawa Senators.

When Murray became the GM in Buffalo, he made quite a few moves, including parting ways with some young prospects. He took goaltender Lehner from Ottawa, giving them a first round pick. Then before the trading deadline, he maneuvered into a 7-player trade with the Ottawa Senators…..including some prospects.

What is the infatuation Murray has to making deals with Ottawa? If I were a suspicious guy, I might surmise that Murray is stocking the Senators with prospects that he’ll inherit if indeed, he would become the GM in Ottawa.

Reviewing the Sabres over the past 2 seasons – to me – it seems that the Sabres will constantly be re-building. And the one thing, as I said before, Murray is pretty good at spending Pegula’s money, bringing in high priced “goal-scorers” who are finding the back of the net foreign territory on Don’t Get Me Started.

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