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Art Wander

Back in January, it was “How do I Love thee: – but 7 games into the season, the love has been dismissed in favor of chants for the Bills to do what is necessary……..part company with General Manager Doug Whaley after a horrible loss in London to the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars 34-31 on a late TD pass. Make no mistake, these weren’t the Patriots, or Broncos, or other stout NFL teams. These were the Jacksonville Jaguars, mired deep in the cellar of their division.

I’ve been a critic of the Ryan hiring, but the fact is that the General Manager is responsible for assembling the team….something that’s been a failure under Whaley. I still wasn’t in favor of the Ryan hiring.

I’ve also defended EJ Manuel since I felt he wasn’t being properly developed under Doug Marrone and Nate Hackett. No more. Watching Manuel in the game against Jacksonville has me hopping on the bandwagon to insure that the Bills will have to look very seriously to the draft of getting a quarterback. Lynch of Memphis has looked outstanding and if the Bills continue to slide, he might be available to Buffalo. Of course, there’s also Chad Kelly, but many feel he needs another college year before coming out.

Then watching Ryan Fitzpatrick perform for the Jets makes me ask what in the world was Whaley thinking of when he let Fitz get away.

Manuel was simply as bad as he has been in his career in the 2nd quarter when Jacksonville put up27 points, thanks to Manuel giving them 14 points in 7 seconds on his fumble and then interception to put the Jags on top 27-3. Buffalo managed to close the gap to 27-13 at the half.

Buffalo mounted a charge in the 4th quarter with 18 points to take a 31-27 lead late. BUT Jacksonville, took the kickoff and thanks to a defensive pass interference on the Bills found Blake Bortels firing a TD pass to Allen Burns

As for the game, “Let Me Count the Ways I didn’t love thee Bills”

1. I didn’t love the Manuel fumble, returned for a touchdown;
2. I didn’t love the interception of Manuel returned for a touchdown;
3. I didn’t love the defense allowing the Jags to use up almost 10 minutes of a
drive following the second half kickoff;
4. I didn’t love Ryan opting for a field goal on a 4th and goal on the Jags 6
5. Certainly I didn’t love being down 27-3 in the first half, reduced to 27-13
6. I didn’t love the tackling in the game
7. I didn’t love the Bills being out-rushed in the game
8. I didn’t love the fumble by McCoy inside the Jags 10 recovered by Jax .
9. I didn’t love FOUR turnovers by the Bills, divided 2 intercepts 2 fumbles
AND I didn’t love 8 more penalties tacked on to the league leading total now of about 72. The biggest came with Buffalo ahead late in the game when Robey was charged with an interference call giving Jacksonville the 1st down they needed en-route to the game winning touchdown.

Did I love anything – yes. The defense stopped Jacksonville 3 times from the 2-yard line following the second half kickoff and then held them to no first downs until the final drive late in the 4th allowing Buffalo to take the lead 31-27.

Here are some numbers from the game. Manuel was 24 of 42 attempts for 298 yards with 2 interceptions, Bortels 13 of 29 for 292 yards but had the game winning touchdown with 2 minutes left in the game.

The Bills rushed for 110 yards, Jags 120. McCoy had 18 carries for 68 yards but Yeldon of the Jags had 20 carri4es for 115 yards.

Well, that’s how many fans won’t Love thee as they count the ways the Bills lost this game. They might also start singing, “Buffalo Bridge is coming down, coming down, coming down” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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