DON’T GET ME STARTED had my first thought feeling that the Kansas City Chiefs were playing the Thursday night game against the Jets. Then the announcers stated that it was the Bills and the Jets – won by Buffalo 22-17.


Art Wander

What startled me was the sight of the solid red uniforms worn by the Bills players. My reaction was that they should have put Xmas lights on their shoulders since it definitely had a holiday feel.

When they lined up for the first time on defense, it looked like 11 bottles of bloody Mary’s standing there.

I just hope that the NFL, or the Bills, will not use those togs ever again. I imagine it was a way to increase sales of those garments. I, for one, wouldn’t waste a cent.

Next. It’s interesting how fans, and others, think about the Bills quarterback situation. For months, everyone was coming down hard on EJ Manuel, screaming for Tyrod Taylor to be the starter. Overall, Taylor has done a good job for the Bills, now 5-4.

YET – in the 2 games Manuel played while Taylor nursed an injury, he put up over 20 points in each game. After both of those contests, fans kept coming down on him – to have him replaced. Now, on Thursday, Taylor really didn’t excel. He was responsible for getting the Bills only 15 points, one touchdown and 3 field goals. (The other TD was scored by the defense.) No one really came down on Taylor’s inability to get only one touchdown.. Carpenter’s foot was responsible for 9 points that would have been 10 had he not missed an extra point try. While fans, and others, will point to the Jets defense from keeping Taylor’s legs moving for big gains and containing his passing game for just over 150 yards, they still wouldn’t give credit to Manuel putting up better numbers and not coming down on the defense for the 2 losses Manuel sustained.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel much better with Taylor at quarterback. I imagine everyone will feel better when Manuel definitely elects free agency when he’s eligible.

The coach of the Jets was roasted in New York for disdaining 2 field goals when the Jets were deep in Bills territory, including that 4th down throw-away by Fitz, giving the ball back to the Bills. Those two FGs would have given them 6 points, which would relate to a 23-22 win, Of course, he took a chance that didn’t work out.

McCoy and Karlos make a huge difference for the Bills offense. Some fans don’t think Roman had a good play-calling game – especially those which had Taylor running when the Mets were stopping him all the time. New York was prepared for Taylor’s legs…….but couldn’t do anything with McCoy’s limbs.

What a travesty it would have been if the Jets won after the Bills had a 3 score advantage well into the 3rd quarter. It was also a joy to see Rex Ryan expressing his joy with the win on the sidelines.

As for Ryan, following the second touchdown. Why didn’t he go for 2 points since Carpenter missed a point after the first TD?

Now come the big tests. First a week from Monday at Foxborough against Brady and Belichik. Then there’s Houston and what J. Waats did to Buffalo in the last meeting. Following that come away games at Philadelphia and Washington.

That’s quite a schedule to handle. It would be great if Ryan went to a 4-3 on defense that did so well last season rather than a 3-4 that hasn’t be nearly as good this season. They will need a big pass rush against Brady – sending only 3 will give him more time to find his targets. Let’s hope Kyle Williams is back and Ryan says that Mario and Hughes will not be dropping into pass coverage and, instead, power their way into Brady. After all, the Bills secondary seems in decent shape as shown against the Jets – even with McKelvin playing safety.

And back to the top. Don’t ever wear those red uniforms again on Don’t Get Me Started.

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