DON’T GET ME STARTED remembers the game of baseball when it was fun – and entertaining.

There was that time when guys like Earl Weaver of the Orioles; Leo Durocher of the Dodgers; Billy Martin of the Yankees all delivered some of the more entertaining hours when watching baseball.  Their outbursts, arguments, hat tossing, base kicking, spitting, cursing and letting the umps have it made baseball a great sport to watch.

Then came the changes.  The check swing called a strike; the tossing of a manager daring to argue any strike call and many other things took a lot of entertainment out of the game.

The bigger change, though, that the umpires wish baseball hadn’t adopted was the replay systems.  Oh, it’s used for disputed home runs; fans touching the ball in the field of play, etc.  Not much of a problem there.

But the replay of close plays and strike calls shown on TV now shows how many times the current umpires are blowing the calls.  All of a sudden, balls below the knees are called strike;  pitches outside the plate are being called strikes but how many times do the umpires really blow it on calls involving runners streaking toward the base.  An out call is made, a replay comes on and clearly shows that the fielder did not make the tag or the runner beating a throw to first base on a grounder.

There are so many blown calls now that the off season should be reserved to get all the umpires in a ballroom and having to explain themselves as they watch every blown call made this season.

It isn’t getting any better and fans are getting pretty disgusted with the way the game of baseball is being officiated and not allowing a manager to challenge some calls on Don’t Get Me Started.

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