DON’T GET ME STARTED heard some sounds coming out of my radio that, frankly, didn’t please me.


Art Wander

Howard Simon, radio host, and often a guest with Bob Koshinski on WBBZ TV was conducting his radio show while I was driving and his guest was Russ Brandon, part of the hierarchy of the Buffalo Bills.

As always, Simon was ready with probing questions causing me to turn up the volume waiting for the answers.

Simon correctly asked about some reports that the Bills might be looking to bring in a person to help out on the football side. I believe I heard Brandon speak effusively about having “stability” in the organization. He mentioned the many general managers, the many coaches, the many offensive coordinators since those good old days under Bills Polian, Marv Levy and Ted Marchibroda.

Brandon also had high praise for General Manager Doug Whaley and head coach Doug Marrone – two people he hired…..repeating that he has been preaching about stability publicly and privately.

Does that mean status quo? Will fans think of this as a way for Brandon to try to impress Terry and Kim Pegula that the right path to the success of the Bills is staying with the current people involved in the football operations – in the front office and on the field?

Don’t they realize that this kind of thinking went on with the Buffalo Sabres for three years and no playoffs? Didn’t fans agree that Pegula waited too long to part company with Darcy Regier and the coach ushering in another rebuilding period.

Will no changes mean “what-you-see-is-what-you-get?” Fans won’t be buying that. If Chan Gailey helped C.J. Spiller become a good running back, why hasn’t Marrone improved C.J.’s numbers – rather than fans questioning his value? As for Whaley? I wonder how many fans would love to have had Branden Oliver plucked from the streets to become a Buffalo Bill. Let’s not even get into the Sammy Watson situation.

A very sharp GM, who put his job on the line with his moves, would certainly bring in his coach and ask, “Hey coach, I gave up a precious #1 pick next year for this great wide receiver” and you’re limiting his involvement in the offense far too often. And by the way, you replaced Chan Gailey who had C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson bolting through the lines pretty consistently. And another thing, who makes up the offensive game plan and have you ever questioned some of the play calling by the O.C. And all of a sudden, the yellow flag is flying at Buffalo players by double digits each game. Where’s the discipline? Isn’t that the coach’s job? Marv Levy always preached “Don’t play dumb.”

In fact, some radio hosts are beginning to question the coaching decisions. The bottom line is simple. Many feel that high praise should not be lavished under the label of “stability.” Questions need to be asked by people at the top and maybe that’s why there are reports that the Pegulas might bring in a top football name to the front office to evaluate the football part of this 1.4 billion dollar investment on Don’t Get Me Started.

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