DON’T GET ME STARTED on the state of athletics at the State University of New York Buffalo. First of all, Athletic Director White made a huge mistake by re-naming the University at Buffalo.


Art Wander

As mentioned in a previous column, NOBODY that I know refers to the school as State University of New York Buffalo. They, media and fans, still call it U.B. or University at Buffalo. The smartest thing that White can do is change it back. If you google University at Buffalo, that’s what comes up, not that other name.

Maybe if White goes back to the original name, the teams could be more competitive. The UB basketball team is on a 3-game losing streak and is average in the MAC. White let go a head basketball coach who, in a recent 4-season stretch averaged almost 20 wins a season. Reggie Witherspoon was let go by White and now is an assistant coach at the University of Alabama.

Hurley should have been a head coach somewhere else before taking on the job as coach of UB. His claim to fame came as a player at Duke – not as a coach. The record at UB is 15-9 and 6-6 in the conference with a losing streak of 3 heading into the next game.

The Women’s basketball team is 14-9 and a 7-5 conference record. There was that time, when Sal Buscaglia was the coach, that the ladies regularly posted 20+ win seasons. The recruiting was great in bringing in a Doty, Jacobs, Tiffany Bell and ever so many talented ladies. But recently, thoughts of a “dynasty” don’t exist.

Being a UB fan, it’s disheartening to see the basketball teams struggle since the departure of 2 successful coaches – Witherspoon with the men’s team and Buscaglia with the women on Don’t Get Me Started.

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