PERRY, NY…(October 10, 2015) West Seneca, NY’s Tony Hanbury was standing in victory lane at the end of 100 ground-pounding laps for the SST Modifieds, headlining day one of the Shootout at the Bullring at Wyoming County International Speedway (WCIS) on a picture-perfect Saturday afternoon. Mike Hyman from Williamson, NY won the 30 lap main event for the 4 Cylinders that paid $300 to win. Brian Hallett from Honeoye Falls, NY picked up the victory in the Super Six feature event.

Daniel Majchrzak and Scott Stolzenberg led the field of SST Modifieds to the green flag for their 100 battle at the Shootout at the Bullring and it was Majchrzak immediately going to the front of the field. Cam Ayers would pass Stolzenberg to take over second. The first caution would come out on lap one as Tom Wiest would come to a stop in turn two. The early restart would see the field bunch in turn one as a multi-car pileup occurred in turn one and Neal Dietz got the worse end of the incident as he hit the front stretch wall. The lap three restart would see Majchrzak to the lead with Ricky Knapp taking over second place. Knapp went to the pits with an issue, handing second back to Ayers with Patti Pruitt, Joe Brainard and TJ Zacharias inside the top five. Cam Ayers would take the lead from Majchrzak off the restart. Cam Ayers went to the pits under a caution period that was caused by Ricky Knapp slowing on the back stretch on lap 12. The restart would see Tony Hanbury take over the lead and would start to pull away from Majchrzak with Patti Pruitt running in third.

Cam Barber would work his way into the top five as the race neared the 1/3rd point as Patti Pruitt would continue to show the way over Hanbury with TJ Zacharias running in third. Barber would then pass TJ Zacharias to take over third and began to go after Hanbury and Pruitt. Two laps after moving past Zacharias, Barber would take over second from Pruitt. Jimmy Zacharias slowed on the front stretch, bringing out the caution after making his way back through the field and running into the top ten. Off a mid-race restart, Barber would take over the lead as Hanbury would challenge to regain the lead.

Another driver that was on the move throughout the race was Kirk Totten after starting in the back, worked his way into the top five. Barber, Hanbury, Pruitt, TJ Zach, Totten, Majchrzak, Bookmiller, Sellars the lead lap cars at the halfway point. Totten would pass Pruitt to take over third on lap 53 Barber and Hanbury would pull away from the rest of the field as Totten started to distance himself from fourth place Patti Pruitt.

Off a restart for Tim Nies sliding on lap 68, Barber and Hanbury continued their battle as Alan Bookmiller slammed the front stretch wall. Bookmiller climbed out of the car under his own power. The field went back under green with Barber and Hanbury pulling away from Pruitt and Majchrzak. Hanbury would regain the lead on lap 79. Hanbury and Barber battled for the lead and in the end, it was Hanbury scoring the win, his first career Fall Shootout triumph. Barber finished in second and clinched the 2015 track title. Patti Pruitt finished in third and was followed by Daniel Majchrzak and TJ Zacharias.

Brian Hallett took off like a rocket at the start of the main event for the 6 Cylinders. Tim Faro, Andy Cocilova and Barrett Schenk battled for second for much of the event. Hallett drove on to score the win over Faro and Schenk.

Chris Bugenhagen and Bobby Woch led the stout field of 4 Cylinders to the green flag for their 30 lap championship event with Bugenhagen leading the opening circuit. Mike Hyman and Carrie Bolton-Brown came together in turn one to bring out the races first caution.  The restart green saw Bugenhagen and Paul Flye on the front row and it was Flye showing the way. Moving up through the field was Jeff Szafraniec as Szafraniec was battling Jennifer Dennie for the third spot. Matt Hurlburt spun in turn one to bring out the caution for the second time. On the restart, Flye continued to show the way as Jennifer Dennie passed Bugenhagen to take over second as Jimmy Pierce took over third. Pierce and Dennie came together on the front stretch with Dennie getting the worse of the incident as her car went into the front stretch wall. Pierce was sent to the rear of the field for being involved. The restart saw Flye continue to show the way over Mike Hyman and Szafraniec. Hyman challenged Flye on the outside and took over the lead on lap 22. Hyman would pull away from Flye and would go on to score the win. Flye would finish in second and Jeff Szafraniec rounded out the top three.

Gates will swing open at 8:00am in the pits on Sunday morning for day two of the Shootout at the Bullring. Grandstand gates will open at 10:00am with racing beginning at 1:00pm featuring the mighty Modifieds in a 100 lap event, paying $10,000 to win. The Super Stocks and the Vintage Late Models will round out the racing card.

The American 100 is a $10,000 to win Modified race to be held at the historic 1/3rd mile Wyoming County International Speedway in Perry, NY as part of the Shootout at the Bullring and is supported by Lias Tire and American Racer Tire and is also presented by Spallina Materials and Insinger Performance. The Shootout at the Bullring is a two-day event including the SST Modified 100, Super Stock 50, 6 Cylinders and 4 Cylinders. Other divisions may be added to the show. For more information, please log on to and follow on Facebook by searching Wyoming County International Speedway and use the #ShootoutAtTheBullring.


SST MODIFIEDS: TONY HANBURY, Camden Barber, Patti Pruitt, Daniel Majchrzak, TJ Zacharias, Connor Sellars, Beth Dennie, Ricky Knapp, Tim Nies, Jeff Ruddy, Alan Bookmiller, Kirk Totten, Nick Morich, Cam Vargo, Cassie Logsdon, Timmy Lewis, Tom Wiest, Jimmy Zacharias, Joe Brainard, Jim Pierce, Jay Withey, Neal Dietz Jr, Tommy Rought, Cam Ayers, and Scott Stolzenberg

Qualifying Winners: Camden Barber, Joe Brainard, Tony Hanbury

Track Champion: Camden Barber

American 100 Modified Qualifying Winners: Jimmy Zacharias, Patrick Emerling

6 Cylinders: BRIAN HALLETT, Tim Faro, Barrett Schenk, and Andy Cocilova

Qualifying Winner: Tim Faro

4 Cylinders: MIKE HYMAN, Paul Flye, Jeff Szafraniec, Chris Bugenhagen, Maddy Virts, Joe Welton Jr, Bob Palmer, Jennifer Dennie, Ben Russo, Jimmy Pierce, Jacob Heimes, George Anthony, Jacob Gustafson, Monica Green, Josh Schosek, Lee Krieb, Mat Hurlburt, Butcher Palmer, Bobby Woch, Frank Parsons Jr, Carrie Bolton-Brown, Nick Robinson, Jim Bryant, Tom Alloco, Jason Cline, John Parthemer Did Not Start: Ashley Kirchberger

Qualifying Winners: Kirk Sherwood, Mike Hyman, Jennifer Dennie

Track Champion: Jim Bryant

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