DON’T GET ME STARTED isn’t going to mince words on the NFL pounding the star quarterback of the New England Patriots by suspending Tom Brady for 4 games without pay; fining the Patriots $1 million and taking away a pair of draft choices, including this year’s #1 pick. I support that strong stance. If it stands, the Bills will not be facing Brady in game 2.

Tom Brady

Art Wander

On the surface it sure looks like the NFL really came down hard on Brady and the Patriots. But hold on……..could the following scenario unfold?

Tom Brady could appeal one of the reasons resulting in the penalties against him. That could take a couple of months. If he loses;

Brady can appeal another point contained in the Wells report that caused the league to impose the penalty. That might take a couple more months. Let’s say he loses that one;

His lawyer(s) find another item in the Wells report that Brady can appeal and that can take a couple more months; let’s say he loses that one.

Since the Patriots were fined $1 million, owner Kraft can get crafty and file several appeals holding up the execution of the penalties on the Patriots and Brady.

That might take the appeals process to maybe next February allowing Brady to play every game and Kraft getting interest on the $1 million.

Come February, all the appeals fail; the penalties stick and then Brady announces he will retire from football.

Do you think that could happen?. I’m not saying this will happen but NFL fans will be watching the appeal process at work since it’s expected Brady’s and the Patriots legal teams will mount an assault on the NFL and its punishment procedures and actions. I know I’ll be watch it on Don’t Get Me Started.

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