DON’T GET ME STARTED on the Bills ownership by a unanimous vote and breathed a sigh knowing that Kim and Terry Pegula would become owners of the Bills.

Terry Pegula

Art Wander

What was surprising was the disclosure that the Pegulas look up at only less than one handful of owners who have more wealth than they do. In fact, Kim and Terry have more than Jerry Jones, the owner who seems to want his way in the NFL Yo, Jer, somebody else now has more clout than you.

And then there’s Goodell, the beleaguered Commissioner. Boy what nice words of praise and compliment on the decision to reward the Bills to Buffalo…..for $1.4 Billion.

But I distinctly remember reading that these two guys were almost saying that unless Buffalo gets a new stadium, local ownership of the Bills might be a problem. Jones emphasize that Buffalo needs to be competitive. Ditto Goodell.

They might hope that Bills fans think that “competitive” would be on the field. Not so. Competitive to them is getting as much money as possible – almost pointing out that with new stadiums comes an increase in ticket prices That’s where the visitors get a piece of the ticket sales – almost 40%. Dallas, Washington and other markets have quite high ticket prices so the visiting teams gets quite a chunck of loot.

Does that mean that Jones and Goodell want Buffalo to be competitive with Dallas and Washington at the ticket window? I probably think so.

OK, Kim and Terry. Remember those famous words when the Sabres purchase was made and Terry Pegula got up and stated, “I’m not in it for the money” Show Goodell and Jones that you really mean it.

You have more clout than most of the NFL owners Use it by saying, “You run your organization your way, and we’ll run ours our way” on Don’t Get Me Started..

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