DON’T GET ME STARTED probably thinks that the NFL pro bowl announcers; players; coaches; sideline reporters received a memo that stated, “Be positive on the “new” Pro Bowl format and the performances of the players.   The way they gushed, you would think that this game was greater than next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

I for one barely lasted into the 2nd quarters when I gave up.  The problem many had was, “Who are you going to root for since team players performed on opposite teams.  Buffalo had players on the “Sanders” team and the “Rice team.”  That became confusing.

I don’t care about the score that some came out with the word “thriller” when describing the game.  The first thing I noticed was the bad uniforms the players had to don.  The second interesting part was the huge amount of empty seats in the stadium meaning that even fans couldn’t accept the new format.

And speaking of the format.  For almost 50 years – half a century – it was the American Conference against the National Conference.  Fans could get a little excited until, recently, players danced around in the game that didn’t come close to resembling a regular season game.  Even pre-season games had more competitive spirit than the dull action seen in the pro bowl.

So the NFL – masters of experiments – decided to hold a lottery were Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders would take turns picking players.  It didn’t matter that team-mates would be playing against each other.

So, I’m not going to quibble with those who were positive on the game and its outcome and its format.  I’m now determined never to watch the NFL pro  bowl – with all its changes (including playing rules) and something that is foreign to true blue football fans.

I began watching the Pro Bowl when the top college players would play against the previous year’ NFL champions.  Of course, agents then came into play advising players decline the offer to attend the game.  After the NFL, AFL merger – the Conference pro bowl was set up.  As times went on, the games became lousier and lousier requiring the NFL to introduce its latest experiment – you pick, I pick regardless of what conference they played in.

I’m saying bye bye to the Pro Bowl and hopes the NFL will do the same on Don’t Get Me Started.

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