The time for mascot or team names like “Redskins” is over. The decision by the U.S.┬áPatent and Trademark office to revoke the patent on the name for the Washington D.C based NFL team will probably bring about it’s demise, but it should have happened sooner.

Undoubtedly the hundreds of thousands of Washington fans who have cheered on the Redskins over their history have felt nothing but pride for the name, but it’s use by others over the centuries has not been positive.

I attended high school with native Americans and have many friends today who are either Tuscaroras or Seneca. I have had the discussion with them about this issue and they see it as another example of American society seeing them as less than 100% citizens. They use examples of similar nicknames used for African Americans or Asian and yes, those terms would never be accepted in today’s world for names of sports franchises.

Yes, I do feel society has gotten too “politically correct” over the past thirty years and too many groups have made hay by claiming “foul” on nonsensical claims, but “Redskins” is different. Change the nickname to ‘Warriors” or “Natives” or something that honors heritage and not skin color.

Owner Dan Snyder should make the right move and get on with trying to win football games.

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