DON’T GET ME STARTED would like to see what happens to the attendance after GM Murray maneuvered Sabres contributors to other teams.

After the 3 p.m. deadline, here’s what Murray accomplished:
1. Brian Flynn was sent to Montreal for a 2016 draft pick
2. .Torrey Mitchell was sent to Montreal
3. Chris Stewart was sent packing to Minnesota
4. Michal Neuvirth – goalie was sent to the NY Islanders for goalie Chad Johnson

Tim Murray

Art Wander

The general feeling leading up to the trade deadline was that #s 2-3-4 were going to be traded. That means that Flynn may have been a surprise.

As mentioned on my appearance on WBBZ-TV I have become disenchanted with GM Murray for doing nothing to help coach Teddy Nolan succeed in Buffalo. To me, Murray has now become the poster boy for TANKING since Mitchell has begun scoring; Stewart is solid and Neuvirth has been doing a decent job in goal.

I think that Murray is out to insure that the Sabres finish last and get a shot at either McDavid or Eichel. It would also mean that Murray might use the losing record of the Sabres as a reason to part company with coach Nolan – which would be a mistake. Look at what happened to players that Nolan praised: Murray sent Gregerinko to Rochester; Pysek to Rochester; traded Tyler Myers to Minnesota who, by the way, is really helping the Wild along with Drew Stafford.

If Murray dumps Nolan and brings in Richardson from Binghamton that would not be a good move. Murray is in his first year as an NHL General Manager. Bringing in a minor league coach who probably hasn’t tasted the NHL would add to the inexperience of the two positions needed to succeed.

And that’s what has me congratulating the Sabres who felt the twinge of being traded and probably will play in the playoffs, while bemoaning the fate of the Sabres for the rest of the season…..AND the next few years if they don’t get McDavid or Eichel on Don’t Get Me Started.

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