DON’T GET ME STARTED wonders what Sabres GM is waiting for regarding signing coach Teddy Nolan to a multi-year contract.

Everybody is praising Nolan.  In less than one week, two prominent NHLers lavished big time praise on the Buffalo coach.

First, (if anyone watched the Canadian channel,) analyst Don Cherry covered the Canada/Latvia game.  After the game, Don Cherry spent a good 5 minutes praising the coaching of Teddy Nolan.  Cherry also showed an example of Nolan’s coaching with a certain maneuver.  It was really enlightening.

Later, on the same channel, the other crew also gave credit to Nolan for some fine coaching.

Fast forward to Wednesday in Buffalo.  The talent-laden Boston Bruins lost to the hard-working Sabres 5-4 in overtime.  After the game, the Boston coach also lavished praise on the coaching of Teddy Nolan., calling him a great motivator  Then one of the Bruins stars Bergeron also mentioned the good job Nolan was doing.

And that brings us to the present.  GM Tim Murray said in an interview in Canada a couple of weeks ago that he will take away the interim tag next to Nolan’s name.  Since then….not much has happened.  He was vague in his press conference the other day when the matter of Nolan was brought up.

Let’s put it on the line Tim Murray.  If you don’t retain Nolan as the coach, you will have a lot of fans screaming for your head.  Don’t be like your predecessor.  Speak up……no forget that.  Act now.  Give him a contract to insure that he will have the security of knowing he can mold the team toward the playoffs sooner that many can imagine.

Failure to do that – and following the pattern of Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone – hiring buddies you have worked with won’t sit well with fans…..and probably your boss Patty LaFontaine.

And that’s what has me waiting for the words, “Teddy Nolan has been signed to coach the Buffalo Sabres for the next 5 years” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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