To wake up to the news that Hall of Fame broadcaster Rick Jeanneret is facing a battle against throat cancer is another blow and makes one reflect. I have lost close members of my family to cancer in the last year and pray everyday for another. Of course one of the individuals I pray for is Jim Kelly and now I have added the great broadcaster Rick Jeanneret to that list.

I have written and said countless times that Rick Jeanneret is unique and one of the very best at what he does, which is do play-by-play on hockey games. Of course the irony that he has throat cancer which affects the very voice that makes him so special is not lost on anyone.

Hopefully and I pray that the diagnosis is accurate, Rick will be back in the booth in the upcoming season putting the bout with cancer behind him. Certainly Rick has left us with great and memorable calls and I know he still has a few left in him.

I have said for the past decade that to me one of the highlights of Rick’s career and finest bit of play-by-play was his work on “Sabres Showdown”. That was the fantasy radio game between the 1975 Stanley Cup finalist Sabres and the 1999 team. Jeanneret’s call while watching a video game recording of the game was outstanding and available at Sabres Showdown on Youtube.

Fans who would like to send well wishes to Rick can do so at

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