DON’T GET ME STARTED hears the anger of fans that’s echoing throughout Bills nation.  The words cascade from home to home, building to building. Those words are:horrible, ugly, pathetic and many other chants.

Buffalo Bills

Art Wander

While fans are now dismayed at the performance of the Bills in the 2016 opener, they muse whether there are any positives that can be taken from the loss.

I have one and here it is. Bills fans will have to endure only 16 more weeks – less than 4 months of the mistake made over a year ago.  The way the Bills are built and perform the way they did Sunday – in 16 weeks Pegula will make the decision to part company with Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan and his coaching staff and put them in on the outside looking in.  Frankly, changes might be coming in the next few weeks.

This is a team built by Whaley and the mistakes have been plentiful, especially in the draft.  He seems determined to accede to the wishes of Rex Ryan.  The coach brought in his hired hands from the New York Jets and decided on Roman to be the offensive coordinator and play caller.  Fans are furious at the play calling of Roman. There’s a lot to be desired.

What Ryan and Roman promised hasn’t developed. They told the world that the Bills will be a run oriented offense. The Ravens did a decent job holding back the running of McCoy and company.

If Bills fans have any anger left, they can direct that anger in many different directions.  Ryan for talking a lot and really not doing much about the mounting penalties that have hurt the Bills in 2015 and in the 2016 opener. Bill Belichick would send players packing if they continued to make mistakes. I don’t want to get into specifics with the Patriots coach.

The optimistic fans who looked forward to seeing the latest edition of Buffalo football have to begin scratching their heads wondering what the future will hold.

Fans could not believe their eyes when the halftime stats were shown. The Bill offense managed only 92 total yards.  First downs were absent drive after drive. OK, the Bills will be getting the ball to open the 2nd half and diehard fans felt they will come out smoking.  So what happens in the 2nd half?  The Bills managed to put up less than they did in the first half – some 70 yards for a total yardage output for the game to around 160 yards.  Good teams get that (and more) in one half of play, not a full game.

As everyone knows, Ryan brought in several coaches from the Jets and then brought in rookie coach Reed who was with Baltimore to coach Buffalo’s secondary. Still vivid in my mind is the long pass Flacco threw to a speeding Wallace for a touchdown. Duke Williams couldn’t catch up to Wallace and Bob Koshinski who watched the game with me remarked that Williams should have hurled his body to make the tackle since he was close to Wallace. That TD made the difference in the game.

The day after the game, no matter where I went – all I kept hearing how disgusted the fans were with the offensive performance of the team.  As for Tyro Taylor.  If he continues to play like he did Sunday, then the Bills signing him to that unique contract will find them saying they will not honor the long term of that deal. And here we go again – back to square one.

Oh well, let’s hope that the next 16 weeks go quickly and Pegula will hold the conference to announce, “We are going into a new direction with a new General Manager and coaching staff.” There’s one thing the fans know and that is they’ve been used to this action for 17 years on Don’t Get Me Started.

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