DON’T GET ME STARTED watched recently as Bill Polian was in town on his book signing tour.  Bill would not say anything about Terry Pegula’s reported move to bring in an evaluator of the Buffalo Bills organization.

I don’t think there’s one person/fan out there who wouldn’t welcome the “builder of franchises.” Polian would be the best “evaluator” since he knows everything there is to know about the city; the franchise; the Bills; the fans, the area. Bringing in Polian would ensure a hefty season ticket take next year.

If I was on the air nightly, as I once was, here is what I would be chirping about: Terry Pegula, you would make a smart move by associating yourself with Bill Polian.  You’ll find that Polian will quickly give you peace of mind knowing the future will be brighter.  Terry, put your faith in Polian and you will be cheered from Pennsylvania to Canada.

Of course, if I was the evaluator (though I favor Polian over other well known form NFL executives,)  I would like to suggest as one of the first orders is to clean up the front office and coaching situations.
I would certainly be thrilled if “Eval” would consider bringing in Frank Reich as head coach.  After all, Reich did a bang up job as an assistant when he and Polian guided the Colts toward the Super Bowl and many playoff berths.  Reich is intelligent and certainly has paid his dues, especially this season with the San Diego Chargers as offensive coordinator. Somebody else will be looking at him so why not bring him to Buffalo.
lso, bring back Pete Metzelaars, with coaching experience as tight ends coach and assemble a terrific coaching staff, led by an offensive line coach and offensive coordinator.

Finally, Terry, forget the “evaluator” tag and tell the Bills fans that you have made a long term commitment to keep Bill Polian with the Bills for the rest of his great career. Naturally you say nice things about former Green Bay exec Ron Wolf, Accorsi and others.

After establishing a great coaching staff – setting the direction (following the “evaluations), probably the first order of business would be to sign Bills free agents that have been productive this season.  I would be warbling into the mic if I had my daily show, saying:

C.J. Spiller likely will test the market after this season considering the way he was used – or mis-used. Another team would make him the featured back.

The must signing – this season – is to keep JERRY HUGHES in the fold.  The 26 year old sack master is in the final year of the 5 year $9,750,000 contract which pays him about $4 million this year.  If Hughes decides to test the market, he definitely will be sought by every other team.  He is a defensive force.  Want more?????? Here are other free agents
BRANDON SPIKES should be brought back despite Kiko Alonso will probably be  ready to go next season.  The plan was to move Alonso to OLB anyway so keeping Spikes might be a right thing to do so in the 4-3. It would be Bradham-Spikes-Alonso. Not bad.  Of course, keep the front four. Sign Darius and Hughes now. Be sure that Hughes-Darius-M.Williams-M.Williams stay with the Bills for next few years
CHRIS HOGAN.  The wide receiver has blossomed this season.  He is an exclusive rights free agent after coming in on a 1-year deal.  He’s not making much. FRANK SUMMERS, the fullback is also an ERFA, also not making much.

Other unrestricted free agents are Safety DaNorris Searcy; WR Marcus Easley; TE Lee Smith and a couple of others.  With Reich, fans will know that the productive ones will be getting a lot of playing time and allowed to function.  I’m also inclined to believe that Reich will do what Ted Marchibroda did – put in an offensive system that will fit the talents of the players.  That’s something, I believe, that was not done in the past two years with poor results – imposing a system on the players who are having a difficult time in execution.

Of all the Bills free agents, it’s important to insure that Hughes and Hogan are inked.

Imagine Bill Polian at the drafting table in April 2015. Check his record and you will be further convinced that he would fit in very well with your goal of getting that Super Bowl.

Oh – evaluator – one more thing to suggest to Terry Pegula.  That is to provide Art Wander with press credentials and a parking pass on Don’t Get Me Started.

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