DON’T GET ME STARTED is ready to give a team drafting ahead of them an offer they can’t refuse so that Buffalo can snare quarterback Paxton Lynch of Memphis if he comes out for the draft.


Art Wander

The 6’7″ 245 pound quarterback is getting noticed every week as he leads Memphis to an undefeated season with 7 straight wins.

A week ago he passed for over 470 yards and touchdowns. This year the consistently accurate quarterback is having an elite season, worthy of the Heisman. This year, he has:

1. Completed 174 of 243 passes for an almost 72 % with a cannon for an arm.
2. In his 7 undefeated wins he has thrown 17 touchdowns, better than 2 per game.
3. He has thrown ONE INTERCEPTION in 7 games
4. He has carried the ball 46 times for 125 yards and two touchdowns.

I’ve been watching his poise in the pocket; his accuracy; his ability to escape when in trouble; and being part of an undefeated Memphis team.

So whoever is General Manager next season (figuring that Doug Whaley won’t be in that position) he had better start putting together a package that could, finally, get a franchise quarterback into the fold – if he comes out.

Of course, the way Chad Kelly is leading his Mississippi team, many Buffalo fans would like to see him at the helm of the Bills – if he comes out. Both Kelly and Lynch might be expected to come out, though Kelly could use another year in college. By the way, the teams met this season and Lynch out-dueled Kelly, 37-24.

Here’s what I would consider working out to give a team in position to draft Lynch when the time come around. Of course, many might not want to make the deal but here goes. To insure the Bills get the franchise QB:

1. Buffalo’s 1st round pick (which might be high considering the way Bills are playing)
2. Jerry Hughes (who is still young and the other defensive linemen are too expensive.
3. A 2nd round pick in 2017.
4. One other player, if needed.

Buffalo might also want to figure out the needs of the team in position to draft Lynch.

Yes, that’s quite a package. But face it, the Bills have been picking up good players and going nowhere. They have been lacking a quarterback since Jim Kelly retired. Lynch is the total package – tall; good weight; great accuracy, mobile with a powerfully strong arm Depending on what the other team would want, Buffalo would have to consider it – even offering Sammy Watkins instead of Jerry Hughes.

A 15 year history has shown that no matter who the Bills draft, they have not posted a post-season game in all that time for one reason……….no quarterback. Fans can see Lynch perform against Navy this weekend.

It is time for the Bills to make a bold move for a player that comes around once in a decade or two on Don’t Get Me Started.

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