DON’T GET ME STARTED is forgetting those great words that the Sabres owner muttered when he bought the club, ‘I’M NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY.”

When those words were uttered coupled with, “If I wanted to make money, I’d drill gas wells” or words to that effect.  As a result of actions in the two years that Pegula has owned the club:

  1. Ticket prices have prices have increased
  2. Pay for watching a meaningless scrimmage

One might argue that GM Darcy Regier may have had a hand in this; or that President Ted Black might have had a hand in that.  The bottom line is both answer to Terry Pegula, the owner, and the buck has to stop there……the buck that leaves the wallet of the fan into the Sabres coffers.

The ticket prices have increased so it’s tough for a family of four to attend a game since you’re going to have to fork over a pretty big buck.  The latest increase came on the day that the Sabres had “Fan Appreciation Night.”  It’s like saying, “Hey fans, we love you and we’ll bump the ticket prices.”

Now #2 above.  There are about 40 draft choices and rookies attending this “development” outing at the arena.  The first couple of days to watch were free……though I’m quite sure that those prices of hot dogs and other goodies brought in some cash.

Now the big rub.  On Friday, the Sabres kids scrimmaged.  That is playing a game against themselves.  Do you think there’s going to be some hard-hitting in that exhibition?  Methinks not.

BUT, the Sabres are charging fans $10 to watch this thing.  That’s when, “I’m not in it for the money” echoed in my cranium.  How much good will do you think Pegula could have developed with the fans if he said there would be no charge for fans attending this scrimmage?  Naturally, food and drink would be consumed so that would generate a little cash.

That $10 to watch a scrimmage is a punch to the pocketbook of the fans.  Take a family of 4 to the game – that’s $40; add parking; add cost of hot dogs or popcorn or anything at the counter and it’s unbelievable.  And nothing will count in the standings.

I remember when $10 could get you a ticket in great seats to watch a game that counted.  Not so with the current organization.

Therefore I conclude that someone has to take Pegula’s comments and store them away because actions don’t match the words on Don’t Get Me Started.

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