Terry Pegula is too good to be true. For Buffalo to have the good fortune to have a man like Terry Pegula, who is not a native of the area, recuse not one, but two professional sports franchises is truly unbelievable.

Western New York has individuals who are considered wealthy. A select few have invested their own money in various local enterprises and only three in professional sports. They of course are the Knox’s, Rich’s and Snyder’s. The Jacobs family do own the Boston Bruins, but when the Buffalo Bills became available they passed. No one else had the desire nor deep enough pockets to do what Terry and Kim Pegula just accomplished.

This is a man who earned a fortune relatively late in life and decided to spend much of it in a City that has a fifty year history of having things go wrong. Instead, the Pegula’s have adopted this City and are a huge part of the resurgence we are all witnessing.

Some callers into local radio stations were actually shedding tears of joy as they expressed their appreciation for the Buffalo Bills remaining in Western New York. In fact, I believe Terry Pegula could have won any political race on Primary night in this town, including for Governor.

True, Terry Pegula’s ownership of the Buffalo Sabres has not meant success on the ice, at least not yet. The fact that Pegula will now own the Bills does not guarantee a return to the NFL Playoffs, but it does mean we do not have to worry about watching this team do it in another City.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but unless I’m terribly wrong, Terry Pegula has earned himself a legacy in this town that may never be topped.


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