Head Coach Rex Ryan
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Opening Comments:
Alright let’s start with him (Domata Peko), he’s got that big hair, looks like a lion back there. But he’s playing well for them. This is gonna be a heck of a game. We’re gonna have to be at our very best, there’s no question about that. This team is, we’re gonna be challenged every phase of the game, including special teams. I think they have a core group of guys that do a great job. A lot of times you can say, well we got an advantage here of there. But clearly there’s a reason why this team is 5-0. Their offense, I think everybody looks at their offense. I think they’re ranked second in the league right now, top 10 in rushing and number one in pass efficiency, and for good reason. They got a lot of good players. I think when you look at the wide out, all three of the wide outs are really good. From (Mohamed) Sanu, to 82 (Marvin Jones) and then you got obviously A.J. Green, who’s probably the best receiver in the AFC. Then their tight ends, (Tyler) Eifert’s doing a great job. So it’s a more balanced attack then you might think but it’s obviously gonna be extremely difficult. But we’ll see where we’re at. After this game we’ll definitely be able to see how we stack up and I think a challenge to our fans would be to kinda create a playoff atmosphere because this is a type of team you gotta beat. This is a type of team that obviously they’ve been in the playoffs for a lot of years and they’re gonna be in them again this year. And let’s see how we stack up and provide us with that kind of environment I think will be helpful for us.

­Defensively they have an outstanding defensive line, and we mention the guy with the hair but he plays good. And they bring back the big kid (Michael) Johnson, the big 6-7 kid from Georgia Tech, who by the way had a tough game this past week. Clemson put it on them. My son also won the special team’s player of the week award, I’m just throwing that in there as a side bar as you might want to put that down. But they do, they have an excellent group. The kid from Auburn is play extremely well for them, that big defensive end they got. I think he’s from Auburn isn’t he? (Carlos) Dunlap? Florida. Same thing. Actually (Pat) Sims though I think is from Auburn right? They have another kid Sims. But yeah Dunlap’s from Florida, yeah. SEC. But either way, they have an excellent team.

Marvin Lewis does a great job, great coach. Fortunate enough to be around him. He’s a guy that’s really helped me in my career, I was fortunate to be with him. But this is gonna be a huge challenge for us and like I say we’re gonna find out plenty about our football team. You know we’ll see how the injury front goes for us. I know it’s been widely reported that Tyrod (Taylor) is not playing. That’s news to me. That may or may not be the case but it’s certainly not official. So we’ll see how it goes. With that I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: What is the update on Tyrod Taylor and can you identify what the injury is?
A: Yeah I mean he’s not gonna be full go today. Certainly is not gonna be full go but he’ll probably be able to do a few things out there. Like I mentioned he’s beat up, and he’s still got a little pep in his step but it’s not like he normally is. He got a little bit of that knee that happened on that one run but we’ll see how he is.

Q: When you mention a little bit of a knee, is a sprained MCL accurate to say?
A: Yeah, probably.

Q: Are the ankle and knee the same leg?
A: Not sure right now. I think it is but he’s, you know, he’s alright guys. But we’ll see how he is. We’ll see how Sammy (Watkins) is, how he progresses. Don’t have a real update on…I guess after practice Scott (Berchtold) will give you all that news, on who’s able to practice and all that stuff. Obviously Karlos (Williams) is still in that concussion protocol so we’ll see how he is. But we got other issues too. We’ll see about some other guys. What their availability is for todays practice and then moving forward. But we have some issues.

Q: If EJ Manuel was so close to Tyrod Taylor in camp and all of that, why wouldn’t you play him if Tyrod’s got a sprained MCL?
A: That’s a good question. You know we’re…I think EJ did a tremendous job for us in the preseason. I know there’s a lot of criticism out there that we moved (Matt) Cassel and all that stuff. But we moved Cassel as we had mentioned before because of EJ, and of his development. So we’ll see. I mean if he has to play we’re very comfortable and confident that he’ll do a great job for us.

Q: What do you need to see out of Tyrod Taylor in practice this week for him to be able to play Sunday?
A: Well we gotta get…make sure that he’s ready to roll and we feel good about it, and he’s not gonna do anything that can damage and make it a long term issue.

Q: Are the other guys who may not practice today new injuries from Sunday’s game?
A: Well we’ll see. Like I say, we knew it was a physical game and we knew we were kind beat up. So there could be a couple guys that…you know we’ll see. Aaron Williams I know was, we’re concerned about him. So we’ll see how that goes today.

Q: Is Karlos Williams in the next phase of the concussion protocol?
A: See I don’t know what the phases are, I just know I’m supposed to say he’s in the protocol.

Q: Will Karlos Williams work out on the sidelines with trainers?
A: I really…I mean that’s what I’m saying – if I say something and I’m wrong then I’m…you know cause I’m not trying to hold any information from you, I just don’t wanna say the wrong thing.

Q: Do you feel like you have to give EJ Manuel a majority of the snaps this week just to prepare him in case your regular starter can’t play.
A: That’s a good point. We are. We’re gonna give EJ a majority of the reps today on the practice field. I mean we’re not…we know Tyrod’s (Taylor) not 100 percent, we recognize that. But he is getting better and these young guys, they heal pretty quick.

Q: Is that an injury that he can play through?
A: Well that’s the thing, you know he finished the game. Made some plays at the end of the game for us, you know after he was pulled from the game. So I think, you know could he play with it? He’s already proven that.

Q: Are you gonna be more careful with a pocket passer? I mean clearly he beat a team with his legs the other day.
A: Yeah I think that’s a safe thing to say. There’s guys that have played with a MCL at that position. He’ll probably be braced up and things like that.

Q: What do you see in Josh Johnson?
A: Well I think with Josh it was…we liked the fact that he was familiar with this system and I think that’s the big reason. That’s what we were wanting in case he does have to play, that was the number one thing. So we looked at (Matt) Simms, we looked at him. Guys that were familiar with Greg’s (Roman) system, our system and then he’s got ability. I mean he’s got…my understanding is, I don’t know anything about him, but I know what I’ve been told he’s a smart guy. He’s able to retain Greg’s system, so that’s a big thing for us, and he’s got some ability. I know having to get ready for him in the past, he’s got some run ability and he’s kinda a journey man type, back up player. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good player.

Q: Who will be doing kick offs since you cut Billy Cundiff?
A:  Well it’ll be (Dan) Carpenter, will be the number one guy and then Colton (Schmidt) will take a couple kicks during the week like he always has.

Q: How good has Andy Dalton been this season despite the ups and downs of his career?
A: I don’t know cause he tore it up against me, the last time we played him he killed us. So we better be better than what we were the last time we played against him, I can tell you that much. But he’s, you know and I get it, I know he’s had some games that weren’t very good or whatever. But that’s every quarterback. But he’s doing a great job. He throws the ball on time, he’s a rhythm thrower and he’s got a lot of good targets and he’s accurate with the football. Obviously smart. He runs their show out there so it’s a big challenge, there’s no doubt.

Q: How comfortable are you with Ronald Darby being able to cover AJ Green?
A: Well it’s…I mean I don’t know if you’re ever gonna be comfortable with anybody covering him one on one. You know he’s that talented. I will say this, our guys will compete against. Darby and Steph (Stephon Gilmore) will all compete against him. But to say you’re really comfortable about it like hey, you can check that box, I don’t think that’s it. This the number one receiver in the entire game. Can Darby and Stephon Gilmore be about as good as there is at corner? Yeah. That doesn’t mean they’re gonna win every match up against this kid.

Q: Do you think your defense maybe turned a corner last week?
A: Well I think even if you look at the Giant game…we had one bad play in the Giant game that unfortunately cost us the game. But you look at that second half it’s pretty much a beat down. I mean they never had a first down until that so I thought we started to play pretty decent. Starting to get the idea of where we’re at. But we’ve been challenged with a lot of, especially at the safety position, there hasn’t been any continuity and that’s kinda held us back I think a little bit.

Q: Does Andy Dalton strike you as a guy that makes a lot of plays at the line?
A: Yeah. The good thing is having our fans, I think that’s gonna help us that way. But yeah he seems to be doing it. They do a lot of muddle huddle, which is he can make all the calls from the line, he can do different things like that. So yeah he’s obviously a sharp guy.

Q: Is LeSean McCoy slated to do anything today?
A: Yeah I think he’s gonna be…you know will he…you know he’s not gonna be full go. But I think you’ll start to see him in a limited basis. I think he’s worked awfully hard, he’s trying to get back. Will he be back, you know what the time table is. I’m not really sure. But I bet he’ll be limited today. So I think you’ll see him out there today.

Q: Given the fact you leave for London right after Sunday’s game, do you think that will affect how players prepare at all this week in regards to focus? You know with that over their heads and what not.
A: No I think…You know we started that process five months ago. With the passports, getting all that. If we left it up to this week I would 100 percent agree with you because it is a challenge. The things you gotta bring it. But we’ve been preparing for this for forever, the entire organization has. So it’s…we’ve had it in place, they’ve taken care of the family things, they’ve done all that type of stuff. But even when we go to London it’s not a vacation. It’s, you know we’ll have a job to do and that’s why we’re heading up there to prepare, and that’s why we’re flying out right after the game that evening. Get us there, get used to the time difference, all that type of stuff. Where we can focus on football and do whatever we can in our power to win. That’s why we’re going up there. But to say that’s gonna hold us back here, preparation wise or anything like that against the Bengals, absolutely not. There’s no way and we’re kidding ourselves if we’re not completely focused going against this opponent.

Q: How much does the caliber of opponent and the proximity of the bye week factor into your time table to Tyrod Taylor?
A: No I think right now and you know if we feel good about him playing, he’s gonna play.

Q: What else can you do with the running game to try and turn that around?
A: I mean you know we gotta block better, that’s a given. But there’s no magical plays that we can come out. If you don’t have LeSean McCoy, if you don’t have Karlos (Williams), you’re probably not as good as you’d be if you have them.

Q: Is there a plan to add anybody to the practice squad this week? A fallback in case you need a third running back?
A: That’s a possibility but we’re not looking at that right now.

Q: It looks like John Miller has been struggling all season and you mentioned Seantrel Henderson didn’t have his best game this past week. How concerned are you with the right side of your offensive line?
A: I’m not concerned, I mean you’ve been going against some good players and they’ve been doing a good job. I would disagree with you on Miller. I think Miller’s played well especially as a rookie. He did have a little bit of a shoulder that held him back a little but I think he’s played pretty decent. Has he been perfect? No but he’s playing pretty good.

Q: How do you think EJ Manuel has handled the ups and downs of his status as quarterback?
A: He’s been absolutely terrific. You know him and Tyrod (Taylor), they’re outstanding together in the meetings. They’ve been, you know they’re real supportive of each other and if EJ is the quarterback this game, we have all the confidence in the world in him.

Q: Does it surprise you Matt Cassel might start for Dallas this week?
A: I’m not worried about their team or something, you know I wish them well. Matt’s a good guy and the thing about, you know Matt played well here, and the fact that we made the move we did ought to tell you how we feel about EJ (Manuel) and Tyrod (Taylor).

Q: If LeSean and Karlos are not back, what would be your confidence in the running back group?
A: Well probably wouldn’t be that confident. You know going against the Bengals, an outstanding front, and you’re down to that. It’s probably not the greatest option. I guess we can run Jerome Felton three yards and a cloud of dust or something. I mean I don’t know what you want me to tell you. I can sit up here and lie and say we’ll be great. Looky, looky here comes Felton.

Q: How big of a concern is your line?
A: See I think our lines doing a better job than advertised. I think, you know have we been perfect? No. But our lines…and we’ll be challenged this week for sure. But I think our lines a little better than given credit for.

Q: Has Tyrod Taylor’s ankle problem altered the game plan at all each week?
A: We’re probably not running as much as we normally would, or zone reads and all that. We haven’t run a whole lot of that stuff and certainly this kids got outstand ability to do that. So you know it’s probably limited us a little bit. But I will say this, at the end it’s pretty clear when you call a quarterback draw, you do things like that, that when we needed it the kid responded.

Q: After resigning Matt Cassel after he was cut – what happened over the two weeks before the trade that gave you confidence in EJ Manuel?
A: Well we were confident. You know it was tough decision for this organization because quite honestly we were very confident in EJ Manuel. The fact we were also confident in Matt, there’s no question. It just, it came down to the fact that we are so confident in EJ and his improvement that you know it was really more about that than anything else.

Q: Is there anything the Bengals do similar to you guys defensively?
A: Yeah I mean, you know a lot of things you can even go back to some Raven things. I still recognize some of those fronts and things when we (Marvin Lewis) we’re together all those years. You know it’s not some trick things but it’s the fundamental alignment, assignment, and technique, and I promise if you ask Marvin about it – the first thing he’ll start with will be alignment, assignment, and technique. And any good football coach will tell you that.

Q: Is there any competition between your defense and Marvin Lewis’ defense?
A: No I think…you know I was proud to be…We were pretty darn good together I can tell you that much. You put Marvin and I together, we were pretty good together and he’s a great coach. And he’ll stand on his record, and I’ll stand on mine.

Q: How good is this Bengals team in regards to previous Bengals teams you’ve gone against?
A: I think it’s the best one. It’s clearly the most talented since I’ve gone against them, I don’t think it’s even close. They can do it on both sides of the ball and they’re able to run the football as well. There were times when they had Carson Palmer it was just more, and Chad Johnson and all those guys, they were throwing it all the time. But this is a balanced offense. They play really good on special teams and they got a really good defense. So I’d say this looks like the best Bengal team that I can remember.

Q: How important is it as pride standpoint to reclaim the home field advantage and avoid losing three of your four first home games?
A: I wish it was that easy cause you know our fans have been unbelievable. I mean they’ve out performed our team obviously at home. But yeah you never wanna lose a game period. But here, yeah does it sting a little more if you lose a game at home? Sure it does, there’s no question about that.

Q: What about the Bengals running game?
A: Well you got two really good backs. I think (Jeremy) Hill is more the downhill, power back and (Giovani) Bernard, you know he can beat you in space. He’s a dangerous guy as a receiver, all that type of stuff. You know they do, most of the time they’re running against a seven man spacing. So it’s not like you’re gonna put them all down there to stop the run cause then you gotta defend out here. So I think that’s probably benefited both those backs. But they’re both pretty darn good and that offensive lines doing a nice job.

Q: Do you think they have more weapons than the Patriots offense?
A: Yeah it’s different though. It’s different. It’s more, you don’t get as many picks, and rub routes, and all that stuff in the Bengals. But it’s a vertical passing attack and you better be on top of your assignments.

Q: Can the Bengals move the ball down the field better than anybody you’ve faced so far?
A: No question. Yep no question. They’ll throw it down the field against anybody they play.

Q: Will that give your pass rusher a good opportunity if Andy Dalton has to hang back a little more?
A: I hope so. But guys, he gets it out…when you look at him, there’s a lot of times he’s averaging under two seconds throwing it. Everything’s on rhythm so even though it’s vertical passing, it’s off the fourth step, or fifth step and the balls gone.  
QB Tyrod Taylor
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Q: Expecting to play Sunday?
A: That’s the plan. Working hard to get back out there and taking it day by day.

Q: Just to confirm it was your long run where you got hurt?
A: Yeah, that was the play. Got caught up on the horse collar tackle, knee got tweaked a little bit. But it’s feeling better and like I said working each and every day to get back to 100 percent.

Q: Is your bad ankle on the same leg?
A: Yeah, it kinda all happened on the same play.

Q: Is it more of a pain thing or are you worried about stability as well?
A: Kinda both. Like I said it feels better than it did yesterday and it’s definitely progressing each and every day.

Q: It’s not good in any circumstance to have a bad leg, but does it make a difference it’s your top leg?
A: Definitely. Did a couple things yesterday and was limited today. But did some things and it felt good as far as playing, so yeah.

Q: How much does this affect your mobility?
A: I mean as long as I can sit back there and throw I feel like I can be productive. Of course it’s definitely a stability things but as far as moving around, I’ll see how that goes tomorrow. Like I said it’s feeling better but hasn’t limited me much.

Q: It seems like lateral movements might be the toughest thing for you. Is the knee or brace bothering you there?
A: We haven’t done too much lateral movement yet. But that’s something that the brace is holding right now. Like said I don’t see it as a big deal. To me it feels better than it did yesterday and whether it’s moving straight ahead or moving laterally as well.

Q: The fact you kept playing the game after you hurt it, does that give you confidence?
A: Definitely. Like you said I was able to go out there and finish the game. I had to go out for that one play cause the refs told me to come out, but other than that I’m comfortable going out there and playing the way I feel right now.

Q: Do you think you will play Sunday?
A: That’s up to the coaches.

Q: All along we’ve been told the backup quarterback is right up there with you. If you have a sprain why wouldn’t they play EJ Manuel?
A: That’s up to the coaches. I don’t make that decision.

Q: You’ve involved in the decision….
A: Yeah, but I’m just focused on getting back and getting everything healthy. Getting back to 100 percent. But it’s up to the coaches whether I play or not.

Q: Did you take first team reps today?
A: I took some, in some periods I did.

Q: In your mind do you have to feel a certain way to play? How do you gauge that?
A: Just being comfortable and doing the things that you feel like you have to do out there on the football field. You never want to go in to a game not being able to protect yourself in certain situations. So as long as you’re comfortable and getting to the things that you have to do to win a football game then you should go out there and play.

Q: Do you feel today you have enough comfort with those things needed to play?
A: Today I feel better than I did yesterday and just taking it day by day. Sunday is a couple more days away from there so just taking it day by day right now.

Q: What was the mindset after you got injured and told your lineman I’m a little bit limited here? Were there any concerns?
A: In the heat of the game I didn’t have any concerns. We had to go down and win a football game, and that was our mindset. They seen what happened, seen I got twisted up a little bit on the play but like I said it was time to win a football game. So that was more so the focus. Just getting everybody on the same page so we could finish the drive.

Q: Have you ever dealt with a sprain like this or anything close to it?
A: No.

Q: How do you balance wanting to get on to the field but also being smart about it?
A: Listening to guys that have been through it, listening to the trainers and ultimately it’s knowing your body. Knowing what you can and can’t do, and making a decision off that.

Q: EJ Manuel had multiple knee injuries his rookie season. Have you talked to him at all about it?
A: We talked about and it and I talked to a couple other guys that’ve had something similar. The trainers pretty much…I’m confident in things that they’re doing to get me back to 100 percent.

Q: As far as setting your feet, legs, planting, throwing – has this thing caused any issues there?
A: No.

Q: You waited four years for this job, do you think you’re playing hurt because you don’t want to step aside and potentially lose it?
A: I definitely waited for this opportunity but I’m definitely gonna be smart moving forward. I wanna be able to play at a high level so if I can’t do that then like I said the coaches make a decision off of that. But the knee is getting better and it feels better than it did yesterday, like I said, and just taking it day by day.

Q: Will you have to wear the brace in the game if you play Sunday?
A: That’s up to the trainers. It’s more so up to if I feel that I need it out there.

Q: When do you think the final call will be made for you to play?
A: By Friday.

Q: Can you be as successful in the pocket?
A: Yes I believe I can complete any pass from the pocket and I’ve done that. I’ve only took off a couple times this year and I’m confident in moving the ball from the pocket. So that doesn’t change it.

Q: Does it help you prepare for the Bengals because it’s the same coaching staff from when you prepared for them twice a year with Baltimore?
A: Definitely know the personnel, know the scheme. Like you said playing against them twice a year in Baltimore. Definitely feel comfortable preparing for this team. They’ve been playing very well this year and have a talented group on both sides of the ball. But like every week it comes down to our execution, and us going out there and playing well, and playing smart.

Q: There was a report yesterday you could miss two or three weeks – obviously you dispute that?
A: Yeah. Like I said I’m getting better each and every day. I don’t know where the report came from, I don’t know about all that. I’m just focused on getting better.

CB Ronald Darby

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Q: When you look at a receiver like AJ Green, what do you see?

A: A very talented receiver. He’s a good receiver, you have to prepare for him, try to take away the vertical ball. Just play smart.


Q: You got him, you got (Mohamed) Sanu, you got (Tyler) Eifert, they’re going to keep you guys busy back there.

A: Yeah they have a real good receiving core and a real good quarterback so we just got to prepare and come out ready to play.


Q: Do you look forward to, as a rookie, going up against the top talent in the NFL at the wide receiver position?

A: Yeah, it’s a blessing. It helps you see where your skill level is at, helps you to see what you need to work on, and it’s going to be a good time to have fun and compete.


CB Stephon Gilmore

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Q: How excited are you to go up against AJ Green? I mean, he’s having a monster season but so are you. I know you go against the NFL’s best week-in and week-out but AJ Green offers a little bit of a dynamic. He’s tall, he’s strong, he’s fast…

A: I’m looking forward to it. He’s one of the top receivers in the league so you have to play physical with him, he’s a big receiver, and I’m going to do my thing against him.


Q: The No. 2 guys in there, with (Mohamed) Sanu and (Marvin) Jones, those guys are creative as well, they offer different mismatches. How impressed are you with them this season?

A: They got some good receivers. They throw it around a lot, (Andy) Dalton’s playing pretty good so we’re going to be ready and coach is going to put us in position to make plays. We’re studying them and we’re going to know what they want to do and try to take it away.


Q: How big is it to get a home win? Obviously right now you’re not winning at home but you’re still in it at 3-2. How big is a home win this week?

A: It would be real big. We need the fans to be loud and behind us and it will be big to get a win because it’s a big game.
OL Richie Incognito

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Q: With the running back questions, Karlos (Williams) maybe, maybe not, what do you guys do to get the running game going after the last two weeks haven’t been exactly ideal?

A: We just have to go back and work on fundamentals. Footwork, hand placement, leverage, knowing who to block, knowing how to block them, little things like that. I think if we take care of the little things right now the running game will get going and we got the right mindset for that.


Q: Does it ever add any extra pressure to hold that block a little longer for Tyrod (Taylor) because he’s just got to sit back there and throw and he gives it his all so what does that do for you guys?

A: We just do our thing, we just block as long as possible. Nothing changes, you just stick on your blocks.


Q: The statement this team has the chance of making, with some question marks on offense because of injuries, and to face a team that’s 5-0 coming into this thing…

A: It’s a big game for us. It’s the next game. They’re hot, they’re playing well, they’ve been where we want to get. They’ve been in the playoffs the last four years and it’s a good measuring stick for us to see exactly where we’re at because we gutted a win down in Tennessee, we didn’t play as well as we wanted to play, we got the win, so coming here and playing a hot team like this, they’re rolling on offense, a very good a very sound defense, it’s a good challenge for us.

QB EJ Manuel

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Q: If you do get an opportunity, how much more ready for it do you think you are at this point, not only this season, but in your career, than where you have been?

A: Yeah, I’m very eager to see what happens for Sunday but I definitely feel confident in what I can do. I think my teammates feel the same way. I know obviously Tyrod’s (Taylor) going to try his best to go out there and play but if he doesn’t, I’ll just go out there and help our team win.

Q: How do you prepare with the question of not knowing who’s going to be the guy?

A: The same way. All these past couple of weeks, I’ve still been preparing like I have the opportunity to play just in case something happens to Ty. Even last week, when he hurt his ‘whatever’ late in the game, I was ready to go, so he was able to finish it up, he’s tough as nails, so just the same way this week. Just be ready and be prepared for whatever.

Q: What have you been told at this point just about what’s up in the air and the possibility of things?

A: Just prepare. Just be ready for whatever happens.

Q: What’s your relationship like with Tyrod?

A: We’re extremely close. Like I’ve said, we’ve grown up…I’ve known Ty since sixth grade so even being from the same area I think, now we’re up in the NFL playing together and things like that. Especially with him being the starter and me being the backup, I think we have a stronger bond now. We communicate very well, not just with football but with things off the field as well, so we’re extremely close.

WR Sammy Watkins

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Q: Sammy, do you expect to play Sunday?

A: Yes sir.

Q: What gives you confidence in that calf that you’re ready to go?

A: I just have to keep getting treatment, I think that’s the biggest thing and working my reps. Reps up more and more every day to where I can go out there and last 40-50 plays. I know I’m not going to be in the best shape but I know how to push through the routes and the run game.

Q: Any concern that it could pop on you again? Aaron Rodgers kind of went through this, a lot of players go through tee calves and it can pop when you’re doing certain movements out there.

A: Injuries happen every day. I can’t really go out there hoping that it doesn’t pop. If it does, there’s more life to live. You got the next year hopefully but I’m going out there trying to win a game. If it pops, it pops. If it doesn’t, hopefully I’ll be ready for the next week.

S Duke Williams

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Q: Musical chairs at safety, and the chairs are changing again. Just your thoughts on how unsettled it’s been back there with you guys rotating in and out?

A: Well with the depth we have at safety, guys fill in all the time and we just have to be ready to step up and play. I mean we have a lot of talent at the back end so guys just have to be on cue and be ready to play on Sunday.

Q: Not that you, Bacarri (Rambo) or Jonathan (Meeks) aren’t capable, but just losing Aaron for that period of time, what’s your reaction to that?

A: He’s one of the important players on the team. He’s a playmaker and guys on this defense look to him to make plays in the key moments and when you have other guys as you mentioned, me, Rambo and Meeks, we’re qualified and we’ve been working and we can make plays also so we’re not going to miss a beat at safety or at the back end, period. This defense is an elite defense so we’re going to keep going and making plays and get a run for a title.

Q: You have a nice test in the middle of the field this week with Tyler Eifert. Just what, in your initial look at Cincinnati film, what have you seen from him? He seems to keep defenses honest, they can’t just key on AJ (Green) anymore?

A: He’s a very talented player. They have a lot of talent of their defense (offense), wide receiver, running backs, they have one of the best quarterbacks in the league so exactly what you said, we have to be honest and just play our game. We have talent on our end also. Guys up front…they have to adjust to us. We have a lot of playmakers in our line, something to worry about, so as long as guys in the back end communicate, I think we’ll be fine.

DT Kyle Williams

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Q: There was a lot of talk in this locker room yesterday about this defense feeling like it’s coming together, understanding the scheme, being more comfortable. Is that something you feel also, especially up front?

A: Well I think we’re working on it every day. We have to continue to grow through the season. I think good teams do that, they kind of evolve and continue to get better and better and figure out what they do well, what they maybe need to scale back on this so I think if we just continue to get better and better and comfortable with what we’re doing, maybe add a few new things that we know we do well, it will serve us well.

Q: With the uncertainty with health on offense, what emphasis does that put on the defense this week, especially facing the top team in total offense in the business?

A: Well, we know that this is probably our biggest challenge of the year. I think they’re as balanced of a team as we’ve face yet. They run the ball really well, they play-action off of it, (Andy) Dalton can throw the ball well and distribute it as good as anybody in the league right now so we’ve got our work cut out for us so we don’t really have to worry too much about offense. They’ve got to do their thing and we just have to prepare the best way that we can to get this team stopped because it’s a big challenge for us.

Q: Rex said a little while ago, I asked him, was maybe last week the turning point for the defense to get you guys back … He said the second half of the Giants was when it turned, he thinks, for good. Would you agree?

A: I don’t know. I honestly, I don’t guess that’s how I evaluate it, if that makes sense. I really am just trying to go play-to-play, series-to-series. I think we’ve shown, for spurts, we’ve played really well in two solid games and then we’ve kind of been up-and-down in others. I think just being consistent, down-in and down-out, is something we’re really focusing on. As far as turning points, I don’t know. I think the greatest thing about the Tennessee game was at the end of the game, they had good field position, we knew that we had to have a stop, we talked about it on the sideline and we were able to go out and close the door and win the game.

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