DON’T GET ME STARTED probably has you saying, “Hey – you left out the h in tanks. To which I reply……”Nope the word “tank” is being used by more National Hockey League teams……as in tanking.

Art Wander

Art Wander

Word is leaking out that teams would like to get into position to hopefully have a shot at Conner McDavid or Jack Eichel – the two highly rated prospects. For them to have a shot, the worse the record, the more chances to land the top choice.

As it stands, the team selected in the lottery this season gets the first pick. The team with the worst record in the NHL gets the 2nd pick. Teams have to finish out of the playoffs to get into the lottery. Next season it’s going to get even screwier under the plan that often booed Gary Bettman devised this year.

Buffalo fans might be mixed but from what I’ve been hearing from them, they would not object to the Sabres having the worst record in the league, assuring them of possibly the #1 pick and definitely no worse than getting the 2nd pick in the draft.

What I also have been hearing, and fans hope it’s not true is that coach Teddy Nolan might be on the hot seat at season’s end. He continues to be popular and certainly the front office hasn’t done a lot to help the team. What’s important is what Murray will do as far as trades are concerned and free agency to prepare the team for next season. First order of business……..keep Teddy Nolan.

So the question again is……who are you rooting for in the final part of the season when the Sabres play on Don’t Get Me Started.

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