Super Bowl Sunday meant Mom spends all day getting the food ready, Dad makes sure the flat screen is 100% and additional chairs are in place and then three hours of “I can’t believe this happening”! The Seahawks blow out of Denver and Manning was only enjoyable if you were a Seattle fan. Otherwise what should have been a great battle of NFL heavyweights turned into a bad Rocky movie without the miracle comeback knockout at the end.

First let me write this; the Seattle Seahawks are not that good. They have a very good defense, a good running back and an exciting and elusive young quarterback. The performance they gave Sunday night against Denver was by far the best game they have played all year. Credit to Pete Carroll and his staff because they got their players to give an A+ effort in the biggest game of their lives.

The Denver Broncos, for whatever reason, hardly showed up. From the opening kickoff it was obvious that Seattle took their performance to the next level and Denver did not. Peyton Manning was pressured early and often and made several bad throws, but his teammates played worse.

The haters out there will now write that Manning’s legacy has been tarnished and his lifetime playoff record is a losing one. In five years Manning’s legacy will be that he was one of the top three of all-time and statistically the best. I’m not worried about Peyton Manning’s legacy, I just wanted to watch a great Super Bowl or least a competitive one.

The playoffs this year were great. Tremendous games and almost all of them were competitive late into the fourth quarter. That’s what football fans want and especially expect in the biggest game of the year.

The Buffalo Bills were victims of a game similar to Sunday’s when they got blown out by the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVII. However, in that game the Bills scored first and it didn’t get ugly until Jim Kelly was carried off the field in the second quarter. The Broncos took just two plays to fall behind and that was the closest the game would ever be.

Next year everyone will go through the same preparation, snacks, comfortable chairs and maybe even a new flat screen. Hopefully the game will live up the billing as they had done the past several seasons and the Super Bowl will indeed be Super.


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