Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Opening Statement

Today’s practice obviously when you take the pads off sometimes that intensity goes down a little bit. You know I understand it, but it is still not acceptable because these days are running out. So you have to get better anytime you got a chance to compete against each other you got to do that. At the same time we are trying to protect each other. But that is kind of why I am really looking forward to practice against Cleveland because now you have another team in here. Even though it is the same drills we have been doing on the practice field it is against another opponent. So I think those are always good. Great to evaluate guys, and it is great to compete against another team. So really looking forward to that. Today did a great job, I think, running our two minute drill, all three (quarterbacks). Three groups offensively did a nice job. And conversely the defense never looked as good.  But again that pass rush, you are slowing guys up and things like that. But I liked the way our offense looked today executing. Had a couple injuries, or a couple issues. Bryce Brown has a minor hamstring so hopefully that won’t keep him out to long and then I was told it was a minor hamstring. [Tobais] Palmer, he was sick. So he had a sickness is why he left. Other than that I think we were pretty good. We should start to get some of these guys back in time to play against Cleveland. So we will see how things progress as we go. But with that I will open it up for questions.

Q: Can you give us a lay out of how the practice will work against Cleveland?

A: Yeah, it is going to be the same as if we were in a practice. But you are going to be running two practices at the same time. So in other words you have, when Cleveland’s offense will be against our defense. When our offense is out there we will be against Cleveland’s defense. And then all the drills nine-on-seven. We will have two spots of that. So Cleveland’s offense first our defense and vice versa. So you are going to get a lot of work against a good opponent. So I am excited about it.

Q: What were the reasons for EJ Manuel getting third team reps today?

A: That is what I decided. So this is what we did. Again he is going to get a majority of the game running with that group. The second preseason game, so that was…that is the reasoning behind it. Again does that mean he won’t get the two reps? No it doesn’t mean that at all. This what we wanted to. Obviously we were going to put Tyrod [Taylor] in there and mix in Matt [Cassel]. As the week goes on don’t be surprised if he does get some two’s. But again…I know you guys want to look into everything but I don’t think you need too. We have been working this thing for how long it has been the same type of rotation for probably three weeks.

Q: Do you think EJ Manuel will get any more work with the first team?

A: Again, I’m not going to paint myself on the corner, I’ve learned through six years of experience that you never say that.

Q: Any reason why Percy Harvin wasn’t out there today?

A: Yeah, Percy will be out there tomorrow, but he should be fine now. Expect him at practice tomorrow as well.

Q: What is his condition that kept him out?

A: He had that little hip thing or whatever, but he’s rehabbing and things, but again, expect him to go tomorrow, be off, and then play in the game.

Q: Karlos Dansby said there will be fireworks in practice. What are you expecting in terms of intensity/fights?

A: You know, again, we’ll conduct business as business is being done to us I can promise you that. But, you don’t want a pillow fight. You want to compete, and that’s why I’m saying it should be a higher intensity level anytime you’re going against another opponent. But at the same time, you want there to be, you know we want to practice football, you know, if you just want to fight we’ll go to the local gym and grab some guy to fight somebody, I mean it’s…you know, that defeats the purpose. But again, we’re not going to be bullied if that’s the case, but…I was hoping that the idea is to actually get better as a football team.

Q: Have you ever been in a pillow fight with Mike Pettine?

A: Ha-ha, I have not. We’ve been together a long time, but nope.

Q:  Not even on vacation, no pillow fights in the hotel room?

A: No, and no real fight either. That I think would probably be a bigger deal.

Q: What is your relationship to Pettine like?

A: Yeah I’ll tell you, I mean going way back, I mean, what I didn’t realize was this guy shooting video is as smart a guy as you’ve been around and obviously had the great background in football growing up in a coaching family, very similar to my background, and then obviously he was a coach in high school, very successful and then came to our place but, I had no idea. I started talking to him and I’m like, this dude knows football. And so from there, it just elevated, we got a quality control position, he jumped right into it, and then outside linebackers, linebackers, defensive coordinator and then moving on to be a head coach so, I’m proud of the fact that all of the years that we spent together and seeing the success that he’s having now I’m really proud of that.

Q: How is he most different than you in your approach to coaching?

A: I’m not sure. I think, you know, probably very similar having the same kind of background, the fact that we were together all those years and things, but, I would imagine it’s similar. Even to the same slogans and things that we picked up that we all believed in so I think that we’re a lot more similar then we are different. I think this guy would destroy me in a spelling bee. He would destroy most in a spelling bee, he’s really a smart guy, where I’m dyslexic so I’d have no chance. But really, he’s a real talented guy.

Q: Have you liked what you’ve seen out of Karlos Williams so far?
A: Yeah, he did better than okay I think in the game. But he’s done better than okay on the practice field too so we all saw it coming. I’ve been really impressed with him throughout camp.

Q: How do you like Ronald Darby’s mentality since the end of the game to now?
A: It’s good, you just have to put it past you but you need to learn from it as well, and that’s it. Like I said, you throw him to the wolves. That’s no easy thing and it’s hard. You can’t hide on that corner that’s for sure and he did get a little baptism, under fire and things, but I like the way the kid responds.

Q: How has your relationship with Mike Pettine changed over time, when he took a job away from the Jets a couple years ago?
A: Well yeah it was a lateral move and a lot of guys left didn’t they. I wonder why that is? But you know I think everybody’s…Any time you get a new GM it is like get out. So that’s kind of what happens and take a bunch of them with you…and then you realize wait a second, I’m still here and I have to coach. So that’s kind of what happens, but no it was a good time to leave.

Q: Any hard feelings between you and Mike Pettine?
A: No ask Pettine about that, I’m sure he’s got a lot of hard feelings.

Q: Was there anything you took out after watching the game film?
A: No not really. I think the game pretty much went the way we wanted it to, we were in control of it. Obviously I’m not going to go for it on a fourth and there, we just punt the ball down, but it’s preseason game. The thing that was really disappointing, we gave up 10 points in two minutes. Not a good thing and obviously it doesn’t matter who’s out there. You’re a Buffalo Bill, you’re representing our football team and you have got to do it a certain way and obviously we never stood up to. To let a team go 91 yards on you for a touchdown and a two point conversion–that’s unacceptable.

Q: Any updates on the guys who were injured during the game on Friday?
A: Yeah real unfortunate thing happened. We had a severe injury to Jarius Wynn, looks like he’s got an ACL and so that’s obviously…At the time we weren’t sure of that and you know if that’s the case he’ll be lost for the season. So obviously that’s a devastating lost to us and him. Some of the other ones were kind of maybe he’ll miss a game or something but…

Q: Marcus Easley?
A: That could be one, will see how he progresses through the week but.

Q: Corbin Bryant was out there today.
A: Yeah he was out here and expect him to probably practice this week too.

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