Had Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News on my All Sports WNY program Tuesday night and one of the topics of discussion was Twitter. Harrington is a daily contributor on Twitter and has found himself in very nasty give and take “tweets” on various topics. Not very social use of “social media”.

“I have only one hard fast rule and that is don’t swear at me,” said Harrington. “Don’t hide behind your keyboard and say things to me that you would not say to my face,” added Mike.

All Sports WNY does have a twitter account at @allsportswny and it is used from time to time to alert the folks about a specific story or feature on the web site, but we have not gotten into the Twitter wars. Honestly, if someone directed profanity at me personally I would not handle it very well.

I have been somewhat surprised by the tone of local reporters on Twitter during Bills and Sabres games. The comments are often so critical that I wonder about them showing a bit too much personal angst towards the very teams they will then write a even toned story about.

Maybe I’m missing the point. Perhaps the reporters and columnists are just doing what radio talk show hosts do and that is make an outrageous statement so as to get a reaction from their audience?

Either way, I’ll now be more focused on Harrington and others as the Twitter wars continue.


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