Rex Ryan is one of the best known coaches in the NFL. That is due to the fact he coached the New York Jets in the biggest media market in the country, not because of his won loss record on the field.

Ryan’s record with New York was a very underwhelming 46-50. After a quick start and two AFC Championship appearances Ryan could not get the Jets above a .500 record the past four seasons.

The Bills struggled this season offensively and have no immediate fix for their quarterback problems. So they hire Rex Ryan who is a defensive specialist who was unable to solve the Jets quarterback problems for six years. So why Ryan?

I believe some in the local media, especially the radio talk show hosts, will initially enjoy Ryan’s hire because he gives great quotes. Rex Ryan is the opposite of the monotone Doug Marrone at the podium and will tell you for the most part what is on his mind. Being glib and entertaining did not win one game for Ryan in New York and it will not in Buffalo either. So why Ryan?

I have already heard some on radio praise the hire because Rex Ryan will go for it on fourth down while Marrone would not. I have also heard some say Ryan’s players love him and play hard for him. Obviously Jet’s players did not play very hard when the Bills pummeled them 38-3 in a rescheduled contest played in Detroit. So why Ryan?

I do agree that Rex Ryan’s presence will bring additional national media attention to Buffalo. Yet at the end of the day publicity does not win football games. Rex Ryan makes headlines, but more times than not over the past two seasons they were not due to victories. Ryan had an embattled final season in New York and no one, absolutely no one wanted his tenure to continue. So why Ryan?

Despite all of the above, I hope I am absolutely wrong about questioning the hire of Rex Ryan as the latest coach of the Buffalo Bills. I hope the new offensive assistants hired along with Ryan will turn around the sluggish Bills offense. I hope the Rex Ryan era brings a Super Bowl championship to his town because it’s been far too long. I hope at some point over the next five years I can stop and think to myself “So that’s why Ryan”.

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