DON’T GET ME STARTED is looking ahead – way ahead as the NFL season nears the end in a few weeks.


Art Wander

So fans will be taking sides. Do you play for pride – or do you play (and lose) in the hopes that you will get a pretty good player in the draft some 4 months away.

If the season ended today, the Buffalo Bills would be picking between 13th and 19th – they have 6 wins. That’s the projected order. There’s a few teams with 5 wins so those wishing for the draft choice, would be rooting for these teams to win, elevating Buffalo’s draft position, maybe in the top 10.

Last season, the Bills beat the Patriots in Foxborough. And speaking of New England.

Let’s go back to the draft of 2010. Buffalo picked 9th in the first round and selected C.J. Spiller when Rob Gronkowski was still on the board. In the second round, picking high again, the Bills selected Torell Troup with the 41st pick The New England Patriots had the 42nd pick and took Rob Gronkowski.

Which means the Bills had 2 chances to get Buffalo native Gronkowski and passed him up. Troup never panned out and everyone knows what Gronk has been doing. If they had him, maybe the Bills would have ended its playoff drought.

So ask yourself, do you play for a higher draft choice by playing the backups and rest the regulars for next season. That means you rest Tyrod Taylor and let’s see what E.J. Manuel can do in the final 3 games of the season which could result in keeping him on the team or parting company with the former #1 pick on Don’t Get Me Started.

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